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2019 To Be the Hottest Summer Ever

Submitted On May 20, 2019

Over the last four years, Canadians have experienced the warmest summers in a row. 2016 has been the hottest summer in history, while there are reasons to believe that 2019 could be the hottest summer ever.

The Weather Network and National Geographic has said that a trend toward rising heat is not going to cease any time soon”

Why the heat is likely to incline this summer?

El Niño and climate change favor the further increment of heat this summer.

MNot sure what is El Niño?

El Niño is part of a routine climate pattern that takes place over an extended period of time when sea surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean rise to above-normal levels. Samantha Stevenson, a climate scientist at the University of California, believes that 2019 could be the hottest year of Canada, due to the growing impact of El Niño and the streak of rising temperatures over the past four years.

What Cooling methods Canadian Household use?

Half of the Canadian homes (50 %) have an air conditioner. Manitoba had the highest share of the air conditioner (80 %) followed by Ontario (74 %) and Saskatchewan (61%). In contrast, Atlantic Canada (20 %) and British Columbia (25 %) reported the lowest proportions of households with air conditioning systems. Using fans can be a cheap alternative to air conditioning since they are less expensive and consume less electricity. In 2009, almost 66% of Canadian used a fan as an alternate way to stay cool in the summer.

2019 Toronto summer forecast:

Let's look back at the 2018 summer. We experienced heat waves, particularly on the weekend of Canada day, which was one of Toronto’s most extreme summer weathers in years. Although temperature stayed 30 with humidity felt like the mid 40. Fortunately, Toronto has not experienced any death like Montreal. But how to forget the loss; the western part of Canada has experienced, the grim long term heat effects along with blazing and uncontrollable wildlife that seems to continue for days and weeks at time. The whole B.C province had been forced into an official emergency state.

How to prepare for a hot summer:

Elevated temperature, high humidity, and bright sunshine can collectively produce relative uncomfortable indoor environment. An air conditioner is functioned to offer the occupants maximum comfort by reducing the air temperature and humidity level. If you are looking for the precautions to follow when anticipated heat waves hit? Here come the safety measures you must follow to prepare yourself for the hot summers like 2018.

1. Before the extreme summer season hit, make sure the A/C is all tuned-up and ready to run for the entire season.
2. Purchase a ceiling or pedestal fan as a backup in case your ac needs repair.
3. List down the numbers of some air conditioner service and find out a reliable place where you can go, if the system unexpectedly gets out of commission.
4. If your air conditioner is near the ending life, make sure to upgrade to a better and energy efficient system.

During this hot summer, if you need HVAC help anytime on a hot summer noon or on an irritating summer night, hesitate not to call us for help. Our lines are open 24/7. Toll Free 1-855-245-4328

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