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3 Furnace performance equations

Submitted On November 22, 2018

Although space heaters and fireplaces are among the commonly used home heating elements worldwide, a wide majority of Canadian homeowners; however, prefer Gas Furnaces for home heating. That is because of the ease of use, the durability and the comfort level that the gas furnaces provide and above all, the feature that they cover the entire home, unlike space heaters and fireplaces. With all those benefits come some dutifulness in order to enjoy ultimate efficiency from the Furnace unit throughout winter. Below, we are mentioning some commonly made Furnace mistakes that you need to avoid in order to enjoy optimal performance, longer lifespan and controlled energy bills.

More maintenance = Higher performance

Increasing or decreasing the performance rate is in your hands. Even a brand new unit can start to show problems in the first season and a several years old unit can still provide with supreme performance. It's all about how the unit is kept. Preseason and postseason maintenance add both to the efficiency and lifespan of the Furnace. Contrarily, unmaintained unit not only keeps the indoor discomforting and raises energy bills but also reduces the overall lifespan of the system and cause frequent repairs which of course, burdens the monthly budget. This way, even a new unit does not give the joy of a new unit. So this winter, mark in your seasonal to do's, a professional Furnace maintenance. You'll be proud of this decision. Bet Ya!

More filter cleaning = More airflow and heating comfort

Dirty filters block the air flow, you know that. But they also burden the system operating at the back end. The blower fan, the motor, the ductwork and others. While replacement/cleaning of the filter may appear to be something affecting only the air flow, it is something that affects the heating quality as well. The cleaner the filters are, the less the system part gets burdened and the better the heating and air-flow becomes.
But hey! If you replace/clean the filter once at the beginning of the winter and then forget about it, you're doing it wrong. Although the recommended duration for Furnace replacement is 3-6 months, that is just a general recommendation. Some homes, depending on their locality and the types of indoor activities may need frequent replacement. Conditions vary home to home. So better check the filters every month and if found dirty clean/replace them. Filters of up to 8 MERV are available at $4 - $6 easily. No big deal!

More clearance around Furnace = Fewer risks

Furnaces are large and ugly (kind of) so we can't manage to give them space right in a direct sight in our homes. The poor units; therefore, are usually kept in the basement or garage. And who knows not what the hell of a mess the basements and garages contain. Mostly, the unit is surrounded by all those random items that we have thrown there. This could become a serious risk. Furnace units surrounded by items particularly those that are flammable can set the entire house on fire. All it takes is a slight interaction with the burner's flame. To avoid any such horrendous situation, keep the area around Furnace clear. At least 3 feet of an area should be kept clear around the Furnace.
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