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5 ways to make your HVAC system healthy

Submitted On May 26, 2017

Hey there! Happy Summer!
O man, that sounded like a rhyme although I just intended greetings. So, Hi there! What's up? Summers have started, have you started to feel hot? Well, if you've already seen 30 degrees in Toronto, you must be having the same sentiments as us and they are: ''O God! When will this season end?'' Well, it is always hot outside but no wonder people who fail to enjoy ultimate home comfort complain about the severity of the seasons the most. That is because a person spends more than 80% of his life in the indoors. When it is discomforting it becomes irritating too that leads to complaining. But what if you could enjoy super cool Summer and super warm Winters with an ultimately amazing HVAC system? Na, Na you guessed it wrong, we ain't suggesting you install a new system, not even a new appliance. Today, the article is all about how can you make your HVAC system healthy and consequently enjoy unrivalled home comfort. Ready for the ride? Here we go!

5 ways to make your HVAC system healthy

Filters Matter
Indeed they do! If you're feeling like inhaling dust and debris when you're outside but the feel is same when you're inside, where goes the ''home comfort'' that is supposed to be there at home? Filters not only help trap the pollutants and make air quality better, they also help improve the HVAC system efficiency by keeping the ducts cleaner and filtering the pollutants right at the return ducts. The efficient the filter, the better the HVAC health. But keep this in mind that not all filters are suitable for all systems. Analyse the type of system you have and purchase a quality filter that is compatible with your system. And yes, need to say you should replace/clean them every six months?

Clearance around the units
Well well well, homeowners that prefer installing Furnaces, Boilers, Water Heaters in the basement (which is mostly the storeroom) neglect the factor that HVAC appliances need space to breathe easily. When it comes to Air Conditioners, the same is true for them as well. In order to keep your HVAC system healthy, always maintain a two feet clearance around the unit be it a Water Heater, a Boiler, a Furnace, an Air Conditioner or whatever.

20% register closing or less
In order to save energy, several homeowners close the registers/vents of the unused rooms. This puts a strain on the whole system. It is recommended to never close register more than 20%.

Crucial Cleaning
The appliance whose units are placed outside, as in the case of Heat Pumps and Central Air Conditioners, cleaning becomes more crucial. The outside units not only get dust and debris but also form clogs over them if not cleaned regularly. These pollutants go inside the unit and affect the efficiency. Make sure that a cleaning is made at the beginning of the season when the appliance will be used the most and also at the end of the season. Also, clear any grass, leaves etc that grow around the unit for better efficiency.

Clear Ducts = Better HVAC Health
The units matter of course, but the system that is responsible for circulating the heating/cooling matters too. You got it right; the ductwork. While some people declare duct cleaning as a total nonsense stuff since Filters filter everything, we suggest homeowners clean ducts at least once a year. That is because the system has to put in extra effort in order to circulate the air if the pathway is accumulated with dust and debris. This strains the system and as a result, the system has to spend more energy than required. Cleaning of ducts will eventually improve the system efficiency making it healthier.

Have you been paying fatty energy bills and been worried for that? Try out these 5 simple ways and see the change.

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