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Breathe Fresh and Healthy - Use Ultra-Violet Lights

Submitted On January 30, 2017

You will be surprised to know that staying inside your house does not provide protection against germs. In fact, the indoor air can be more polluted than the outdoor environment.
Outdoors, the green plants are constantly cleaning the air to help it get rid of most pollutants.
However, you do not have such natural cleaners inside most buildings. What you can do instead is turn to UV lights for help. Ultraviolet radiation has been scientifically proven to be effective at killing germs including bacteria, fungi and viruses. It can, therefore, drastically improve the quality of indoor air. The following discussion sheds more light on this breakthrough:

Untreated Indoor Air – a Health Hazard

Before finding out how UV lights can help you, it will be useful to understand the health hazard posed by untreated indoor air. No matter how much you vacuum the floors and dust the furniture, you cannot get rid of disease-causing pathogens. Most allergens and viruses also remain airborne even if you keep the windows closed all day long. This is not only a problem in common households but can also be disastrous in hospitals, labs, food outlets and other public buildings.

Most issues caused by polluted indoor air include allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. Likewise, viral and bacterial diseases also spread swiftly from one member of the household to the other. This means you need an extremely effective way of improving the indoor air quality in order to avoid these significant health hazards.

UV Radiation against Airborne Germs

Airborne pathogens can easily escape the furnace air conditioner filters in buildings. UV radiation can prove to be effective at killing these germs. Germicidal ultraviolet light is available for use in residential as well as commercial buildings to purify the indoor air. UVGC – short for Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation – consists of short ultraviolet waves. These waves kill or inactivate different types of pathogens. UVGC has been proven to kill tuberculosis found in the air. Likewise, it is also capable of destroying other types of bacteria, fungi, viruses, molds and mildew. Health officials, therefore, recommend the installation of UV cleaners or lights in homes and other buildings in order to keep the indoor air pathogen-free.

How does the System Work

Germicidal UV radiation poses no harm to the human health but is effective at killing pathogens as well as pathogenic spores. The radiation penetrates bacterial or virus cells and destroys their DNA or RNA. In this way, the entire cell is destroyed or inactivated. A UV lamp is installed by a professional. The installation is done near the ductwork of your building. Germicidal UV light is then emitted on the air that passes through the ductwork into your building.

The Bottom Line

Using UV lamps is a safe way of purifying your indoor air. It effectively kills all disease-causing microorganisms and keeps allergens away. It is a scientifically proven and approved way of improving the indoor air quality. There will be no more allergies, diseases or respiratory issues in your home if you turn to this breakthrough air-cleaning technology. Find out Ultra-Violet Light HERE

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