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DC Inverter Air Conditioners - Are they worth it?

Submitted On August 19, 2017

The second-millennium has brought us several big bangs in the field of technology. Things that were once the dream of man took their advanced form in the second millennium. Whether we talk about the field of medicine, engineering or any other, we the people of the second millennium are enjoying the finest structure of them structured by now. With special reference to the home comfort heating and cooling appliances, a world of comfort has been confined into the Mini Split Air Conditioners that are capable of cooling as well as heating the indoors which means; killing of two birds with one arrow . Since the spread of Air Conditioning among common households, one of the major concern that homeowners had shown was the energy cost that the Air Conditioning causes. Engineers have been making attempt to derive ways that could make Air Conditioning cheaper and yet at the same time efficient than before. So, did they get successful? Fortunately, yes! The Inverter Air Conditioner technology is what they've come to. Let's figure out if this technology is really worth it:

Benefits of DC Inverter Air Conditioners

Comfortable Indoor Temperature
In a conventional Air Conditioner, the compressor motor has two modes; it either functions at full speed or completely shuts off. This trips the Air Conditioner and causes a change of temperature in the indoor so you face the cold and warm phases. In contrast to that, the DC Inverter Air Conditioners have a compressor motor that operates with variable speed and never shuts off completely. Sensing the indoor temperature it keeps on modifying the speed on the Air Conditioner in order to provide the required cooling. This keeps the indoor temperature comfortable as well as stable and you don't have to go through the hot and cold blows of air.

Energy efficient
We recommend homeowners to make sure the Air Conditioner they purchase is an energy efficient model for the fact is; the more an appliance is energy efficient, the cheaper energy bills it brings. The DC Inverter Air Conditioners with their variable speed compressor motor continuously run the motor without completely shutting it off. The conventional Air Conditioner motors on the other hand turns off and on which takes a huge amount of electricity. Inverter ACs are known to have achieved up to 60% reduction in the energy bills.

Inverter technology loves mother Earth
Do you love mother Earth? So do the Inverter technology Air Conditioners. They incorporate the most eco-friendly coolants and also use less electricity compared with the conventional non-inverter Air Conditioners. This makes them an eco-friendly appliance and you, an eco-friendly user. Don't forget to care for the world while caring for your indoor comfort.

Quieter Operation
Unlike the conventional Air Conditioners, the DC Inverter Air Conditioners run the compressor at a variable speed which minimizes the operation sound. This makes the DC Inverter Ac's favorite for those allergic or irritant to operational noises of appliances.

Faster Cooling & Longer Life
The DC Inverter Air Conditioners cool faster than the non-inverter Air Conditioners by making use of more power at the beginning of the process. In addition to that, another specification that makes Inverter ACs a worth purchasing choice is the longer lifespan. Inverter ACs retain their lubricants effectively which results in less wear and tear. This increases the overall lifespan of the inverter units.

Last but not the least, the DC Inverter Air Conditioners are worth buying for the fact that the cost spent on the purchase (which is relatively more than the cost of conventional Air Conditioners is returned within 3 years of use since an up to 60% saving on energy bills can be made which covers the purchase cost and you're left with an efficiently working, energy saving and super cooling Inverter Air Conditioner.

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