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Eliminating musty odours from home/office

Submitted On March 19, 2019

Ever felt the embarrassment from a guest complaining about musty odour coming from your home? How bad does it feel like when the guest persistently complains about the odour but you can't even smell it. You can't smell it because of your adaption to it over time which the newly arrived guest hasn't yet developed. And the musty odours at home or workplace are not to be taken for granted. That is because they affect you in multiple ways. For example, a constant odour can cause physical symptoms of sickness like headache or nausea, can cause you a similar embarrassment as mentioned above and in case such a smell comes from your store or restaurant, it can actively push customers away. These are enough reasons for you to take the musty odours seriously.

As a matter of fact, the immediate solution that the homeowners use is; using air fresheners, doing some quick cleaning or by installing an air purifier. But even after trying all these solutions, the odours do not go away. And when that happens, there is the indication that the problem actually lies in the HVAC system. The HVAC system can cause such odours as a result of: - Dust and debris from the ductwork circulating with the heated/cooled air
- Excessive use of a humidifier in winter or high humidity in summer which the AC fails to combat
- An improper ductwork design that spreads odours from one area to another (from bathrooms, kitchen to the rest of the home)

How to combat musty smells related to HVAC system?

In order to resolve the odours that are caused by the HVAC system, the system needs to be given treatment. And the most vital of the treatments is cleaning itself. There are a number of components that need to be kept clean so as not to become the cause for odours.

Cleaning makes a big difference

From cleaning clogged filters on a regular basis (every 3 months) to cleaning the ductwork annually, the cleaning pattern extends to drains and adequate ventilation as well which many homeowners never consider in their cleaning routines. The clogged drains need to be unclogged so that moisture does not develop. Also, when odours become persistent, consider checking the ventilation pipes for proper ventilation. And keep one thing very clear while you are reading about cleaning, that regular cleaning is supposed to be performed by you but a professional's help on an annual basis is nonetheless required to tune the appliances and the system. Also, never miscalculate when it comes to maintenance and repair. Maintenance no matter how expensive it is, is still cheaper than repair that you'll otherwise have to go to.

When to call professionals for help

The DIY cleaning resolves the problem but sometimes that is not enough. You need a professional to help you out when there's a problem with the ductwork design, or when the ventilation pipes need repair. Also, in the case of smells resulting from dirty ductwork, you'll need to seek professional help.

Bottom Line

Musty odours, whether they are are a result of lack of regular DIY cleaning or a result of more technical issues, need to be addressed as soon as they are sensed. It is because such odours as said in the beginning can lead to embarrassing moments and also, hefty investments.

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