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Key points for Gas Furnaces

Submitted On July 10, 2013

Gas furnaces

Gas furnaces are very famous among the homeowner of GTA. If you are using a gas furnace it means you are saving nature and the valuable money by lowering the heating bill. As we all know that gas fuel is one of the most affordable fuels available for home heating purpose in Canada and it also burn cleanly as well. The gas furnace which was introduced in early has one stage heating system which is either on or off, this affect the efficiency of the furnace. The new furnace model offers two stages heating; this enables them to save as much energy as possible with consistent heating temperature for the entire home. The Two stage furnace is also known as variable furnaces. What exactly happen when you are using two stage furnaces let me clear this. It offers two speed of furnace operation, when there is a need of high heat it switch to high speed mode and when the need is fulfilled it automatically turns back to low speed mode, hence significant savings of valuable gas energy with consistent indoor atmosphere. The maintenance of gas fired furnace is easy and affordable due to clean operation of furnace as compare to oil fired furnace and it can be easily maintained by regular maintenance offered by professional heating and cooling Toronto contractor.

Installation of Gas Fired Furnace

Gas Fired furnace are available in different sizes and efficiency. The AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) is a ratio use to tell the homeowner how much is the furnace efficient in saving the energy and providing the luxury of home comfort. In the market of heating and cooling in Toronto homeowner can find a high efficiency furnace model with 98.99% or above AFUE ratings. However it expensive to buy a furnace with such higher AFUE rating but this cost can be easily recovered with the significant saving of valuable gas fuel within couple of years. This is one of the best investments homeowners can make for the heating and cooling comfort of their homes in Toronto, Mississauga and Other GTA Area. If your high efficiency furnace is installed by unprofessional personnel your money will go in an account of waste due to insufficient operation of such high efficiency furnace due to poor installation, so be very careful while choosing a furnace installation contractor. The HVAC certification and experience really matter in the selection of best installation company like cosmopolitan who carries only qualified and experienced personnel for superiors class heating and cooling services. Duct work is required in the installation of forced air gas furnace for the distribution of hot or cold air throughout the home.

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