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Getting ready for Fall - Tips for Homeowners

Submitted On September 19, 2017

And we are all set to say goodbye to Summer and hi to the Fall. Before it begins, there are some useful tips and reminders for homeowners. Fall is expected to begin this year in Canada on September 22 and will presumably end on December 20. These three months are there to allow us to get our bodies and homes ready for the coming season i.e Winter which is mostly intense in Canada. While there are homeowners that do care about Fall preparations, there are only a small number of people that really prepare properly for Fall at the end of the Summer in order to make necessary preparations for Winter. We're introducing you to ways and practical tips to prepare properly for both seasons.

Closet to do's - Pack up properly

Hey! Pack up but pack up properly. As the Summer ends you'd be required to pack your Summer things including the clothing, the footwear and other things of everyday use. While most people just roll a ball of all things and put them in stores, this creates a lot of trouble when the same things are needed the next Summer. When they are taken out, half of them have already gone to heavens and the rest are either damaged or need some kind of wash or repair. So it is highly recommended that once the fall is at the door, begin your packing of the Summer essentials using the right ways. If the only way you're aware of is the roll and troll then try watching some youtube tutorials on how to pack things the right way at the end of a season.

Garden to do's - Mower, Hoses, Sprinkler Systems

This is one of those to do's that most homeowners forget to do. While you'd no more be needing your lawn mower in fall, clean and stow it. And the right way to stow lawn mower is by adding gas stabilizer in the remaining fuel. This keeps the gas in good condition. If, however, this is not done, the mower gas deteriorates over time and damages the internal parts of the engine. Secondly, remove all garden hoses from the faucets. This is because leaving them there keeps the water stored and in the case of intense winters, pipes and faucets can burst due to icing. Thirdly, turn off the water supply and shut off the automatic controller. Open the drains to let all the water drain out. Replace the parts of the sprinkler system by removing any water present inside. Your garden is ready for fall.

Home interior/exterior to do's - Roof, Gutters, Insulation, Air Leaks

These four are the most important to do's for fall when it comes to home interior and exterior. - Check your roof for any shingles that need to be replaced or any other roof renovations that are necessary in order to bear the coming weather of high intensity. Check the plumbing vents and repair them before the Winter arrives.
- If your insulation needs to be renewed, call a pro and have your home inspected so that the insulation is done well before the intensity of weather goes out of hand

- When you prepare for fall but do not seal the air leaks, you are actually making a grave mistake because the home will at the end of the day be only insufficiently warm. Seal the air leaks using a quality sealant or call a pro to do this for you

- While the gutter containing rainwater may not be dangerous, the danger that comes after the clogged water ices over is easily apprehensible. The gutter and pipes can damage. Whether or not the leaves have already fallen or are just beginning to fall, you should begin the cleaning process. Clean the gutter once before fall and once at the end of it

Bottom Line

Much has been said and now it is your turn to implement the given tips. Remember that if you dislike a particular season, it is most probably because you've not done enough to prepare yourself for it. Every single season has its own flavours. In order to enjoy the most of all the four seasons, use the right strategies, be prepared for every season properly. And here you are; ready to get yourself and your home ready for fall. Bon Voyage!

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