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Save Earth! Choose the right Air Conditioners

Submitted On January 13, 2017

What if you're told that you're responsible for the deadliest floods that hit the world in the last ten years, the earthquakes that cracked open the Earth's crust, the hundred and thousand of life loss and all those horrendous natural disasters? Sounds a scary supposition? Isn’t that? But that's not just a supposition. You might certainly be one of the contributors to these havocs if you've been too careless about choosing the quality appliances and the right air conditioning services. Global warming man! Global warming!

Cheap air conditioning appliances are killing the planet:

Thanks to the technology! We're able to conquer seasons, weathers and probably the environment as well. You can enjoy soothing warm air in your room while it’s freezing cold outside. You can also feel like being in the cold Scandinavian harbours while the sun outside is shining outrageously. That can nonetheless be considered that we've conquered the weathers to create a weather of our choice at least within the four walls of a room. But that's meanness to think merely for your ease. If your HVAC appliances are creating a heaven for you and a hell for someone living on the other corner of the world, you should rethink of the kind of pleasure you enjoy.

Goes without saying that the cooling appliances are contributing to global warming. That is, by producing HFC' and CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons and hydrochlorofluorocarbons) that contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. But hold on! You might not have looked deep into what actually depletes the ozone. It is basically the chlorinated refrigerants that usually leak from appliances because there was improper maintenance, faulty appliance design or a bad fixation. These chlorinated refrigerants are usually not emitted from quality appliances that are fixed and maintained properly. The best appliances nonetheless are those that do not use chlorofluorocarbons in their air conditioning appliances.

We care for you, we care for the planet:

O yes, we do!
Being one of the most reliable companies to provide HVAC services, we recognise the responsibility of not only providing the best services to our customers but also to be the source of an overall comfort for all. While it has already been established that the two main factors that contribute to ozone depletion by the use of air conditioning appliances are; (i) Bad product design and (ii) bad maintenance and fixing, we the Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. feel pride in successfully countering both these issues.

While on one hand Cosmopolitan Mechanical has the trained and experienced technical staff to make the job done in the perfect way so that no leakage occurs, it also on the same hand has aligned itself with companies that are introducing environment-friendly air conditioning appliances, Lennox being on top. Introducing a product is easy, offering a service is easier, but leading while making an ease and comfort for all is what must count as the most moralistic service. Cosmopolitan mechanical holds the privilege to perform this holistic and moralistic service. When we create ease for you, we do not create unease for others.

You should care as well:

It is crucial now that while the planet is becoming hotter and unpredictable with every passing year, you as an individual feel the responsibility of making this planet the safest place for everyone since we don't have a choice to move to another so far.Earth is the only choice. For this reason, every time you think of creating a cool environment for yourself, think also of not making it hot for somebody else by taking the best possible air conditioning services and appliances. We are contributing, so should you. And when you plan to contribute, we’re just one phone call away. Cosmopolitan Mechanical waits for you with the best environment-friendly appliances and the best technical staff, to care for you, to care for the world.

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