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Heat Pump could become the wisest HVAC decision you’ll make

Submitted On January 15, 2018

Climate of Earth doesn’t remain the same. For certain duration, it gets cold, for certain duration, it gets hot. The weather conditions go at extremes and remain moderate too. This climate shift constantly takes places and at times it is too abrupt to even bear. Being warm blooded organism, we humans can only bear a certain temperature and, therefore, as the temperature shifts take place, we come in need of appliances and gadgets to keep the temperature moderate for us in the indoor if not in the outdoor. Homeowners, particularly the ones living in harsh climates are always on the hunt of HVAC appliances that could ensure a comfortable indoor environment regardless of seasons. And the manufacturers are on a constant effort of producing appliances that could cover a large population needs, hence making them budget friendly. One such appliance that is both budget-friendly and is meant for common residential use is; Heat Pump.

How does a Heat Pump work?

If you’ve never had a Heat Pump installed and also wonder how it works, here’s a brief detail of Heat Pump operation for you:

The purpose of Heat Pump is to suck heat from the environment and release the heat outside. When it works this way, it cools the indoors, when it work reversely (suck heat from the outdoor and pump in the indoor) it warms the indoor. So, basically what makes Heat Pumps killer of two birds with one arrow is this very ability of cooling as well as heating.

When it warms the indoors, it works like this;

The compressor of the heat pump has two coils in it; one coil evaporates the refrigerant which causes the refrigerant to absorb heat as it evaporates. This evaporated refrigerant as it passes through the other coil compresses and as a result condenses. The condensation process releases heat which is distributed into the indoor either through a duct system or a ductless system. A similar process takes place in reverse order when the same Heat Pump is used for cooling the indoors.

For what climates, Heat Pump is the best?

Heat Pump best suits the moderate temperatures where there is sufficient heat even in the winters to cool the indoors. For climates like Canada, homeowners consider Heat Pumps an inefficient choice when used as a primary heating component as the outdoor temperature that fall below -15 degrees cannot provide with enough heat to warm the indoor but here’s what can be done about it;

Furnace and Heat Pump Combo – Does it work?
While using Heat Pump as a solely relying appliance is not suggested, HVAC professionals suggest installing a Heat Pump as a back-up appliance. It can suffice in moderate winters and can be used as an additional appliance as the winters go harsh. Also, in case of sudden Furnace break downs, Heat Pumps often do a perfect job to save you from becoming a snow man. But nonetheless, never rely solely on Heat Pump if you are living in a harshly cold climate like that of our Canada.

How do I know if Heat Pump would suit my home?

That’s what a professional can best tell you. It is not merely the climate that matters when it comes to installing appliances particularly those employing advanced technologies. The architecture matters and so does the location of your home and the material it is made up of. The insulation counts as well and so does the type of HVAC system you have at home. So, it is always suggested to seek a professional opinion before purchasing appliances, particularly the heavier and costlier ones. If you think it’s convincing to install a unit, consult a pro and if he says, ‘’yes’’, you are good to go.

Happy winters and Happy Summers with ….. Heat Pump technology

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