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Honeywell WiFi 9000 Specs

Submitted On December 12, 2017

If you have never heard of Honeywell Thermostats, you have never made a cool and wise Thermostat choice. Honeywell has been serving homes & homeowners with ultimate comfort since 1903. Its primary manufactures include, heating cooling products i.e Air Conditioners, fans, radiators, etc., home security products i.e door lock, doorbells etc., home air quality products i.e Air Cleaners, UV Lights etc and back up power products i.e Inverter generators, Power generators etc. Honeywell has also launched several Android applications by now that help control its Wifi controlled products. Everything's cool here in the land of Honeywell but our concern today is Honeywell's Wifi Thermostat called WI-FI 9000. Let us explore what this particular product has to offer to comfort your indoor while you are in the indoor and to comfort it even when you are not in the indoors.

Honeywell WIFI 9000 Thermostat Specs

If you’ve never had a Heat Pump installed and also wonder how it works, here’s a brief detail of Heat Pump operation for you:

The purpose of Heat Pump is to suck heat from the environment and release the heat outside. When it works this way, it cools the indoors, when it work reversely (suck heat from the outdoor and pump in the indoor) it warms the indoor. So, basically what makes Heat Pumps killer of two birds with one arrow is this very ability of cooling as well as heating.

When it warms the indoors, it works like this;

The compressor of the heat pump has two coils in it; one coil evaporates the refrigerant which causes the refrigerant to absorb heat as it evaporates. This evaporated refrigerant as it passes through the other coil compresses and as a result condenses. The condensation process releases heat which is distributed into the indoor either through a duct system or a ductless system. A similar process takes place in reverse order when the same Heat Pump is used for cooling the indoors.

For what climates, Heat Pump is the best?

You speak - It hears - Voice recognition feature
Honeywell is the first brand that has employed voice recognition software in a Thermostat. This beautifully designed Thermostat is able to recognise your voice commands and act accordingly. Just say, ''Hello'' to it and you'll listen to the response right away. Remember there are times you are rushing out of the house carrying so many items and are not hands free to change thermostat settings? This Thermostat is your hands-free :)

- Wi-Fi Controls and Wonderful User Interface
As the name suggests, it's a product equipped with wifi-controls which means you can sit on the other side of the world and yet control the temperature of your home sweet home. But Honeywell also cares for your colour tastes and your concern for your interiors. For this, the WI-FI 9000 has a high definition display with user-friendly interface and screen color changing feature so that you can change the colors of your Thermostat anytime you want.

- Detailed User Guides & Manuals
Whether or not you love Honeywell, Honeywell loves you and your home. And because of that, it does not only manufacture high quality, user-friendly and durable products, it also makes sure that you make right use of them in order to make the most out of them. For that, Wi-Fi 9000 comes with an unusually detailed user manual that includes guidelines regarding using the voice control feature, color changing feature and guidelines for installation. You can also find the User Manuals on Honeywell Website if you fail to receive it from your retailer or misplace it.

- Energy-saver & Eco-saver
Honeywell works with world class smart home companies and its products are, therefore, both efficient at saving energy and saving eco-system. The Wi-Fi 9000 is specially designed to keep both these key qualities under consideration.

- Auto-Alerts/Notifications
A large number of homeowners receive hefty energy bills not because they consume a lot of energy but because they don’t consume energy wisely and due to forgetfulness and other busy schedules, waste a whole lot of energy. But this won't happen now with Honeywell's WIFi 9000 Thermostat. Your Thermostat will automatically send you alerts when it's time for filter replacement, maintenance or temperature change. A worry free home with escalated comfort! In addition to the above mentioned primary specification, Honeywell Wifi 9000 offers up to 7 days of programming, 5 years of limited warranty, professional installation. And hey! Did you know that honeywell ranked in the top 4 best Thermostats of 2017. Now that you know of Honeywell, make a wise purchase. Bring home comfort, durability, reliability and affordability. Call us today at 1-855-245-4328 Or visit Our Website

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