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Uneven Indoor Temperature, 2 Reasons-2 solutions

Submitted On February 05, 2017

Ever felt a strange feeling due to change in temperature as you move from one corner to another corner in your home or from one room to another? You must have! Wonder if there is a difference in temperature within home rooms too? O yeah, there is! While a residential Furnace is a whole home heating appliance, it might not be heating your home evenly consequently, as you move from one room to another, from one corner of the home to another, you feel discomfort instead of comfort due to the difference in temperature. Some spots are warmer than the other. Every time you sit there, you feel like putting off your socks. Similarly, some spots within a home give a sudden cold feeling. So why does that happen and how to troubleshoot uneven indoor temperature? Time to explore!

Reason#1 - Faulty Ductwork:

We've always been emphasising on the importance of professional help no matter what appliance are you installing. If you're concerned about your comfort and your savings, there's no better shortcut than choosing professional services and get yourself a long term relief. One of the major reasons of uneven distribution of Furnace heat is the faulty Ductwork. Generally, the ducts going to the room closets further away from the Furnace are made smaller in order to allow more air to reach them. In case the ducts are faulty, hot air from the Furnace will be distributed unevenly through different rooms causing discomfort.

Reason#2 - Improper Thermostat Location:

A thermostat is, after all, a sensing device. Its sensors capture the outdoor temperature in order to modify the indoor appliance's temperature accordingly. Another reason of uneven heat distribution within the home is the location of the Thermostat. Usually, the Furnace is located in the basement. If the thermostat is located on the first floor, it functions according to temperature it senses on the first floor without taking into account the temperature of the top floors. The top floor would then receive insufficient heat particularly if there's a duct size issue as well.


Solution# 1 - Professional HVAC Service Provider
If you're facing uneven indoor temperature, the credit goes to your HVAC service provider. And some of the credit goes to you as well on choosing a service that was not professional enough. Now that the problem has occurred, better not to call the same service to fix that. Consult the most reliable HVAC services contractors in your area to fix this problem. Better check out your neighbour's service providers if they're a happy customer of them.

Solution# 2 - ZO-ZO Zoning
The Zo-Zo was just a rhyme to recall kindergarten memories. It's ''Zoning'' actually. Zoning is a wonderful way to get complete control over the heating and cooling of different rooms in your home. In zoning, rooms are considered as different zones. These zones can be operated using Smart Zoning Thermostats to allow more or less heat to get to the rooms. In order to avoid heat loss, heat supply to the rooms not in use i.e guest rooms etc can totally be cut off. And the rooms in use can be kept moderate and even. Did you find the above-mentioned information helpful? Are you facing uneven indoor temperature? Get in touch. We can help you! 1-855-245-4328

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