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HVAC Preventive Maintenance | Schools and Colleges

Submitted On July 24, 2018

When we talk about HVAC, we only think of our homes. And when not about homes, about our workplace. Schools and Colleges are often not discussed enough however, the truth is that, a good and efficient HVAC system is as important for educational institutes as it is for homes and workplaces. A comfortable indoor environment helps create a desirable setup for learners as well as for teachers. While almost all the schools and colleges have some kind of HVAC appliances installed at their places, how often are they maintained and what measures are taken to make preventive maintenance possible? Usually, private educational facilities don't prioritize preventive HVAC maintenance in their budgets. The truth is; allotting some hundred dollars for annual or seasonal preventive maintenance can help save thousands of dollars that will have to be spent otherwise on repairs.
In this blog, we'll discuss the benefit of preventive HVAC maintenance.

Benefits#1 Improved Indoor Air Quality

There are many schools with bad indoor air quality as their primary issue. Unmaintained HVAC appliances contribute to worsening the indoor air quality. The clogged filters, dirty units, outdated appliances, damaged ductwork and other similar factors affect the indoor air quality. Regular preventive maintenance is a good way to spend on these small problems and save the budget from massive shocks of repair cost.

Benefit#2 Safety from emergency repairs

Emergency repair cost is more than you think it is. When an Air Conditioner suddenly stops working, it does not take pennies to give it a kick start. With tight budgets, it is always recommended to be regular about preventive HVAC maintenance so that costly emergency repairs can be avoided.

Benefit#3 Longer Lifetime

What else do you want from your school's HVAC system? You want it to last as long as you do (oops sorry!). You want it to last longer so that frequent replacements don't disturb your budget. Preventive HVAC maintenance is a good way to increase the system's lifetime.

Benefit#4 Cut off high bills

The less the system is maintained, the more it gets angry and the more it eats up energy resulting in high energy cost. With tight budgets that are of educational facilities like schools and colleges, fatty energy bills on a regular basis become a real problem. This cost can be cut off with preventive HVAC maintenance.

Is taking preventive maintenance plan a good deal?

It certainly is! Taking a preventive maintenance plan from a reliable service can bring you all the benefits that have been mentioned above. Moreover, the following advantages can be enjoyed;
- By choosing a plan, you get better pricing. Saving again!
- Your contractor can remind you when it's time for a maintenance check
- In case any repairs are needed, discounted repairs are often offered by your own contractor and the repairs get fixed in time
- At every preventive maintenance session, the technician analyses and tunes up all the parts of the system which increases the system's efficiency

Getting a preventive maintenance plan for your educational facility could be one of the best choices you'll make. Even if a plan is not taken, having preventive maintenance for the system on a regular basis offers all the above-mentioned benefits. And your school budget is limited, remember?

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