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HVAC Zoning Technology - Is it worth it?

Submitted On May 26, 2017

What is Zoning Technology?

So did you hear about Zoning Technology or want us to explain to you what it is? I guess you want to give us a chance. Alright great! Let's begin: Zoning HVAC Technology is basically man's attempt to create different temperatures of his own choice in different zones at home. Did you get that? Zoning allows heating or cooling of different rooms/places at different temperatures even though using the central heating/cooling system i.e Ductwork. The method involves installation of dampers in the ductwork. These dampers open or close depending on the temperature requirements. A Smart Thermostat can be used to control the temperatures of up to 7 different zones. So now you can keep your grandma's room less cool and your brother's super cool, keeping both of them comfortable.

Benefits of Zoning system

Keeps everybody happy
What does zoning system have to do with happiness? Well, different people have different temperature requirements. You might feel okay at a certain temperature and the rest of the members might want to increase or decrease the cooling level for themselves. Zoning keeps everyone happy. You can sleep in your room with a temperature of your choice without worrying that a cold chill will wake you up at night. Thanks, zoning! You saved us from that discomfort!

More Efficient - Saves more
Zoning system requires a hefty initial investment but it does return in long run nonetheless. You can close dampers of all the other rooms if you're the only one at home. Imagine how much of the energy could be saved this way. Up to 30% of savings can be made on energy cost despite efficient heating and cooling.

Zoning is a Quiet Baby
Much much quieter compared with your conventional heating and cooling system. On zoning, the system is required to run at a relatively slower pace since there is lesser area to heat or cool. This makes the operation quieter and in return more comfortable, after all, noise is also a type of pollution.

Should I go for zoning system?

Well, it is not as difficult to decide. Below are some questions. If your answer to some or all of them is a ''Yes'' and you are tired of fatty energy bills, it's your time to give a shot to HVAC Zoning:

Question 1: Do you have rooms at home (more than two) that are not used often?
Question 2: Does your home have multiple temperature levels?
Question 3: Do you have family members whose bodily temperature needs differ?
Question 4: Do you have areas in the home that are stuffy?
Question 5: Do you have different storeys with great temperature difference?
Question 6: Do you have a home office?

Okay man, the questionnaire is over and you said yes to some of these questions. Yes, zoning is your answer. However, before you go for HVAC zoning we highly recommend you consult an HVAC professional, have him inspect your current ductwork and HVAC system and then follow the professional's suggestion. This is because not all systems are compatible for zoning primarily the old or leaked duct systems. Make investment wisely. Have a great time with Zoning!

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