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Install a Whole Home Humidifier for these 4 reasons

Submitted On October 18, 2018

Winter does not come alone. It comes along with an essential which is the dry air. And the dry air is a consequence of low humidity. Winter lowers the humidity level in the air which results in irritation, skin problems, itchiness, static electricity, parchedness of wallpapers and other such problems. While people living in less cold climates can try out some DIY remedies to counter low humidity, those living in a climate like Canada and having low humidity sensitiveness necessarily need a solution that could provide with a desirable level of humidity throughout the season.
Here are some reasons why installing a whole home Humidifier is a worth making investment

Improved Comfort

The dryness in the air caused by low humidity can result in problems like skin and eye allergies, breathing problems, static electricity and other similar problems which coincide with the very level of comfort. The very first benefit of installing a whole home Humidifier is that one can get rid of all these problems and improve the level of comfort.

Improved Health

In low humidity, viruses and bacterias spread very easily and worsen seasonal allergies. The recommended level of humidity is 33% - 55%. When this lowers significantly, the health problems begin to spur. For some people, these health issues can worsen so much that it can take the form of prolonged illness. Installing a whole-home Humidifier unit helps maintain an even humidity throughout the home, keeping all homeowners safe from health issues associated with low humidity.

Reduced Interior damage

While so many people think their wallpaper parched because it was old enough, the truth is; the wallpapers and wall paints start to peel off as a result of low humidity which overly dries the surface. Similarly, the wooden artefacts or wooden floors start to develop cracks and dryness is revealed from all things. Another benefit in this case, which the whole home unit provides is that it protects the interior from such damages which in turn saves you dollars.

Reduced energy bills

While dry air has a lot to do with giving you chill feels, the humidified air gets warmer and the warmth stays longer. Without you needing to turn up thermostats, the indoor temperature becomes warmer just because a whole home humidifying system is in use. While this might sound something ordinary, it helps save so much on energy bills and also does not burden the Furnace unit.

If you are living in Canada and have to go through all those humidity related problems, it is suggested to install a whole home humidifier as early as you can. While this will help add to your comfort, it will also help lower the burden on your budget caused by hefty utility bills. One right appliance installed ensures comfort for several long years. Stop making compromise on comfort and start making wise choices for yourself, your home and your family.
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