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Learn about these 3 Air Purifier types

Submitted On August 17, 2018

We are living in the age of technology and technology is constantly improving offering us with better, efficient and affordable solutions to add to our comfort and ease. The technological advancement in the field of HVAC is no exception. Since the environmental pollution is rising with every passing year, it was important to look out for ways to combat pollution not just in the outdoor but also in the outdoor. And hey! Did you know the indoor is often more threatening than the outdoors with respect to pollution and its impacts? An individual, in general, spends 80% and more of his life in the indoors which means indoor pollution if not treated can affect him in all of this duration. Initially, the simple Air Purifier was introduced, which had the capacity to trap pollutant. But with time, better models have been showcased as a solution to the indoor air pollution. Today, we shall discuss three different types of Air Purifiers and how their suitability varies from home to home and from homeowner to homeowner.

Ultraviolet Air Purifiers

There are more bacterias and viruses in your home than you can see and even think of. One very effective type of Air Purifiers for combating bacteria & viruses, in particular, is the UV Light Air Purifiers. These purifiers use UV light to kill the microorganisms and make them impotent for causing any harm. Such type of purifiers are usually installed within the ductwork.
They are most commonly used in healthcare facilities and are preferred for use in homes where there are members with contagious diseases in order to bar the spread of germs.

HEPA Filters

HEPA Filter Air Purifiers are the most commonly used and also the most affordable Air Purifiers. These purifiers work similar to the air filter installed in your ductwork. They pull the air, let it pass through them and in that process, trap the particulates depending on their trapping capacity. HEPA Filters are usually divided on the basis of their MERV value. The greater the MERV value, the efficient the filter is in trapping particulates. For example, filters with 18 MERV can trap even the tiniest of contaminants.
Some HEPA filters also use activated carbon within them to combat the harmful chemicals present within the indoor air.

Ozone Generator Air Purifiers

Here's another type; the ozone generator Air Purifiers. This type is better to be called an air freshener than an air purifier. It removes odours from the air and makes it give a fresh feel. The ozone generator air purifiers are not good at removing harmful particles from the air. If your preference is a purifier that could rid you of odours, ozone air purifiers are the most compatible. However, if the preference is to combat the commonly present air contaminants, HEPA filters are the right choice. And in case when bacteria and viruses are the primary target, the UV Light Purifiers are the best solution.

There are several different types of Air Purifiers available with different price tags. Homeowners can choose according to their own needs and preferences. But there's one thing we need to mention and that is; maintenance should be practised in order to get the most out of the air purifiers.

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