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How does Lennox Air Filtration system work?

Submitted On March 24, 2017

It's cool to know the historical references of the inventions. There's a long way it takes to invent something and then in improving it's efficiency, performance and outlook. Let's take the example of the Air Filtration system. Air Filtration units came into residential use somewhere a few decades ago, however, the idea of filtration of Air through filters is almost 200 years old. O yeah! 200 years old. Ever saw those face masks? Face masks were initially used to provide individuals with filtered air. They are still being used. Later on, the idea expanded and the Air Filtration systems were introduced that had the capability to clean the Air of the entire home. In the case of face masks, it seems simple but does the Air Filtration units also work on the same principle? What are the components of an Air Filtration unit and what are some must know about them? It's time to explore all about Air Filtration Units. Let's begin:

Programmable Thermostat

Programmable Thermostats can do wonders to bring down the graph of your energy bills in Summers. Interestingly, the cooling cost can be reduced up to 10% just by installing a Programmable Thermostat. Since this type of Thermostats can be programmed up to one week, turn appliances off automatically when not in use or when no one is at home and also suggest the temperature according to the outdoor temperature, less energy is consumed and thinner energy bills come home. Make this investment today and save on a long run.

How do Air Filtration Systems work?

There are several different types of Air Filtration systems in the market, however, the ones we are currently about to explore are the Air Filtration Units or Air Purifiers that work along with the HVAC system. Such Air Purifiers are attached to the return ducts. The air that passes through them keeps on getting filtered. A benefit of installation at the return duct is that cleaner air reaches the Furnace and, therefore, the Furnace filters do not get easily clogged. This keeps the Furnace work in supreme condition. To explore component wise, we've an example of Lennox Air Purifier.

Lennox Air Purifier, how does it work?

In a Lennox Carbon Clean 16 Media Filter, there are three main components. The very first is the pleated filter, the second is a combo of two UVA lamps while the third main component is Titanium Oxide catalyst.

Pleated Filter

The filter plate used in Lennox Carbon Clean Air Purifier has a MERV rating of 16. Minimum Efficiency Rating Value or MERV varies from 1-16. The higher the rating, the efficient the filter will be at trapping particles. Interestingly 16 is the highest value and this model offers that value. As the air flows through the filter, all different types of large and small air pollutants get trapped by the filter. HEPA filters can provide 99.8% efficiency since their MERV rating is 17-20. Similarly, a filter with 16 MERV rating is supposed to capture over 95% of air pollutants. As the air passes through this component, the visible particles are captured but the odours that are also counted among air pollutants do not get captured by the filter so the process continues.

UVA Lights

In Lennox Carbon Clean Humidifier, there are two UVA lights installed. The purpose of these lights is to activate the catalyst that is supposed to combat odours. Also, since UV lights are powerful enough to combat bacteria and viruses, any such organisms that might successfully pass through the filter are put to death here under the UVA Lights providing healthier air.

Titanium Oxide Catalyst

Here goes the last component, the titanium oxide catalyst. Titanium Oxide is known for its efficiency to combat odours. As the air passes through this portion of the Purifier, it get's almost 100% clean, fresh and healthy. This process continues and the air keeps on circulating several times a day, making the entire air of the home cleaner and consequently healthier to inhale.

That's all with Lennox Carbon Clean Air Purifier. Before you leave, make sure to realise that with every passing day, the air we breathe is becoming more and more polluted. So, it's not only wise but essential too to install Air Filtration units at home. For any HVAC related queries, consultation and help connect with us at 1-855-245-4328

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