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Looking for a reliable HVAC tech? Let us help you find one

on May 09, 2018

It is not easy to find a reliable HVAC tech in these times when the fraudulent activities in professional sphere it at rise. There are many people who ended up in disappointments multiple times primarily because the technician they found was not worth hiring. So here's our contribution to help you find the tech that won't disappoint.

Quick inspection about your tech!

Sounds weird but you'll know the importance of it once this inspection brings you a real deal of information about the service you are just about to hire. The inspection is simple; with all thanks to the world of internet you can turn to any reliable review and business rating website and it will tell you how the service has served before. Note that having a few negative comments/reviews in comparison with several hundred positive reviews should be neglected since sometimes, it is the homeowner's own fault (and other issues) that result in bad experience but when there are tons of negative reviews, it's your time to seriously reconsider your choice.

Why not ask friends and neighbours?

Friends & neighbours are your source of direct and most honest reviews. If you have just shifted home or have never hired an HVAC service from the area you are living in, talk to friends and neighbours to get some suggestions. The service that left your neighbour happy is most likely not to disappoint you.

Experience is important!

We never recommend falling for services that are unheard just because they are cheap. In an attempt to save a few dollars, you'll eventually be losing double the amount. While you search on internet about the service, check in their ''about'' page how experienced they are. Also, ask the very individual/s who comes to serve regarding his certification and experience.

Try more than one service

Take quotes from more than once services to see which one is most suitable for you. But hey! Do not make the decision merely on the basis of cost. Consider experience and professionalism too.

Written estimates save you

While you go on the verbal estimates, it is most likely that you'll be entangled into additional charges that were not mentioned earlier. Therefore, take written estimates so that you have a proof of what the contractor promised to provide at what rate.

Beware when taking annual plans

You may consider becoming a member of a company's annual HVAC plan but before you do that, make sure you know what incentives exactly the company is offering. Labour and part replacement may/may not be added into the plan. Instead of getting yourself trapped into an apparently cost saving but actually very expensive plan, clearly understand the terms and conditioners forehand.

Prefer a service that uses the latest technology

Yes, hiring a service that uses the latest technology will cost you a little extra but that is a worth spending money for such service means;
- Better and secure service
- Professionals that use and know the use of technology
- Time-saving
In addition to that, there's a lot that the customer care service of an HVAC service can tell you. If they are quick in response, cooperative in discussing the issues and don't insist you to take their service, they are professionals that are already busy and are worth hiring. Contrarily, the services that are always late at picking the call, are late at giving quotes and are always bewildered when asked for some HVAC help are not worth hiring.

What was the last time you had a bad experience with an HVAC service? Also, what was your most pleasing experience? Share with us.

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