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My Air Conditioner is not giving enough cooling

Submitted On July 18, 2017

What do you think is the most commonly faced AC problem by homeowners in Summer? When it starts getting hotter and hotter in Canada, the complaints of insufficient Air Conditioner cooling become more frequent. For most of the times, we need to remind homeowners that the temperature in the outdoors is hot enough to not let their ACs provide enough cooling for the indoor and there are two solutions to this problem that they can opt: First one is to use a ceiling fan in combination with the AC, this improves the cooling effect. The second option, though it might seem a costly one is yet opted by people that are never ready to bear hot Summers. And that is; Installing an additional or larger unit to cool the indoors. But the reason of insufficient cooling in Summers is not always an unusually hot temperature. Sometimes, there are other reasons that are responsible for reduced cooling. When we're contacted, we make sure homeowners confirm that their system is not having those other issues. Let us now discuss what other factors affect the efficiency of Air Conditioners in Summers.

Filters that are Dirty

Comfortable Indoor Temperature
Air Filters are of great help. They help trap air pollutants mainly the dust particles, pollens and others. As a result, an Air Conditioner not only provides cooler air, it also makes it cleaner. But as we always say, everything needs maintenance, so do Air Filters. Their maintenance is cleaning. Over time dust and debris clogs the filters and a hindrance is created for the air which consequently drops the flow of air and cooling efficiency of AC. So, the first thing you should do after suspecting unusual cooling is checking the filters. Whether it's a Central Air Conditioning system or a Split unit, both have filters that need to be cleaned at least once a month when the AC is being used excessively.

A blocked Condenser

Comfortable Indoor Temperature
So what's the 'job title' of a condenser? It is to pull hot air from the indoors and dump it outside. But for that, it needs space or let's say a cabin of its own to work without any interruption. Condensers are outdoors units and with their placement outside in the open air, it is normal for them to get covered with dust, debris, leaves and other such stuff. But just like an indoor air filter gets dirty and is cleaned to resume its efficiency, the same needs to be done with the condenser. A condenser with insufficient space suffocates and is therefore unable to pull air out. The hot air keeps slipping back into the indoor making it impossible for the system to cool the indoors. The simple fix for this problem is to call a professional and have the outdoor unit cleaned properly. This can also be done doing a DIY. Use a hose and cutter. Clean the leaves, grass and bushes that have grown around the unit and then give it a bath using the hose. You're all done.

Note : Be careful to not hit the fan fins with the hose. They may turn and damage.

Leaking Refrigerant

Leaking refrigerant can affect the cooling efficiency on an Air Conditioner since a refrigerant is responsible for cooling the air. When there's an insufficient, leaking refrigerant, the system fails to function with the desired efficiency. There are simple steps that can help homeowners suspect and leaks:
1. Ice on refrigerant coil is an indication of leaking refrigerant
2. Whistling or hissing sound is an indication of refrigerant leak
3. A sudden increase in energy bills is a possible indication of refrigerant leaks
4. A frozen evaporator coil is also an indication of refrigerant leak

In order to fix this problem, it is important to call a professional tech to refill the refrigerant. Make sure that the technician patches the leak before refilling the refrigerant.

Duct Leaks

Homeowners while they perform an inspection of their system forget to check the ductwork for leaks. Just like a leaking refrigerant, a blocked condenser, a dirty filter and a frozen evaporator coil, the duct leaks equally affect the system's cooling efficiency. A major portion of cooling is lost through the leaks and the remaining one reaches the indoors. Duct Leaks, if they're minor, can be fixed using a duct sealing tape, however, if the leaks are major, it is recommended to call a professional.

An old system

Every single HVAC system including the AC's has a lifetime and it is not possible to enjoy a system your entire life. The replacement just like death is an ultimate reality. So it is among one of the possibilities that your system is outdated and cannot be further used. Solution? Replacement dude!

Need HVAC help? Did that article help you? Are you able to fix the problem using the given solutions? If yes, don't forget to place your feedback. Also, for any type of HVAC help, call us anytime at 1-855-245-4328

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