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Natural ways to combat bugs this Spring

on March 19, 2018

After the long winter is over, almost everyone is excited about the spring, the blooming of flowers, the soothing smell of soil, fresh air and oh yes, the spring sales. Among all these pleasant associations comes the thought of spring bugs and all pleasure goes away. We all know that all those advertised chemical sprays that we find in the superstores do offer us with some quick combats but what about the other consequences? The bugs do go away but our homes and we, ourselves are sensitive to chemicals and often, homeowners have to pay for the overuse or the improper use of pest and bug killers in the form of sickness and sometimes in the form of damaging of the interior. When there are these side-effects, why not seek natural and harmless ways to combat the bugs and pest in the spring? Are there any that really work? Oh yes!

Cosmopolitan Mechanical Service Inc. is with you this spring to not allow any spring bugs to spoil your spring. This time, it's all fun, all joy.

Natural ways to control spring bugs

Natural mosquito repellent
In order to protect yourself and your family from the nasty bites of mosquitoes, it is important to first take safety measures and control their production in or around your home in the first place. Be aware that mosquitoes are the primary sources of viral diseases like Malaria, Zika and West Nile virus etc. Keep the in as well as outside of the home clean. Don't allow any standing water in plants, AC drainage, tires etc. Also, keep the lawn mowed.
Now here comes what actually to do in order to keep the mosquitoes from coming into your house. Use Citronella Oil Lamps/Candles. The smell of Citronella (a natural oil extracted from leaves) is what mosquitoes hate so they prefer not to peek into your house. And hey! You don't need to lit hundreds of them, Just a few will work miracles.

Natural Bee/Wasp repellent
Bees and wasp do have some good to do to the environment. So, instead of killing them, it is always suggested to repel their arrival and simply discourage them from spoiling your picnic or your patio dinner. For that, fill a spray bottle and add a few drops of dish wash soap, peppermint oil and a pinch of cinnamon and cayenne powder. Spray this liquid on entryways, corners and any other place you think could become a possible entrance or haven to bees and wasps. And there you go! Protection!

Natural Ant and Grain Moths repellent
And here's another worry of spring. Ants and grain moths that get into the food items and make them hard to clean or totally uneatable. Now make a DIY natural repellent for them as well. The smell of cinnamon and cloves are best to keep ants and grain moths away. Place a few pieces in the jar/packet. Cinnamon powder can also be sprinkled in the inside corner of the floorboards while placing bay leaves in the food storage bins also help keep ants and grain moths aways.

Bottom Line

Done with solutions for your home and your food. It is going to be an absolutely wonderful spring this time but here's a piece of advice and that is; don't forget to invest in installing efficient appliances that do help prevent the bugs and mosquitoes from making your indoor unpleasant. Installing Air Cleaners could be a wise decision as they help combat insects, pests, pet dander, bacterias and viruses, leaving your indoor air up to 98.99% cleaner and healthier. Looking for an Air Cleaner purchase? Let us serve you. Connect today 1-855-245-4328

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