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Reasons of a leaking furnace

Submitted On January 07, 2019

You must never neglect water dripping from your furnace as it is correlated with certain other factors as well; it can challenge the proper functioning of your Furnace. Therefore, in order to recover your leaking Furnace completely, you must pinpoint the factors that are causing this seepage. In today’s article, we are going to mention the main reasons behind a leaking furnace.

1. A Humidifier Drip

A Humidifier leak can be taken in as the Furnace leak because it is directly connected to your tap’s water supply by means of a pipe. Thus any cracks or clogs in the pipes connected with the Humidifier can be the cause of the humidifier leak.

2. A Condensation Drip

Condensation is necessary but when it gets out of hand, it can be a major problem. If you have high-efficiency Furnace incorporated in your house then condensation can be referred to as a routine process. It works by draining the cool air away from the furnace and the water from this exhaustion gets collected beneath the Furnace. However, the issue arises when there is too much water collected at the bottom of the Furnace. In this respect, immediate professional service is required for the proper functioning of your furnace. Similarly, if you’ve installed standard-efficiency Furnaces in your homes and you see a condensation process, you must call in some professional help. This is because standard-efficiency Furnaces don’t create condensation.

3. A Blocked Inner Drain

One of the major reasons behind your Furnace leakage can be a blocked inner drain. This is because Furnace channels are also interrelated with the drains of the Air Conditioner. Thus, any blockage in these channels can persuade the condensate line of the air conditioner, forcing it to backfire the water into the furnace. Thus, this return of the water can be considered as a water leakage from your Furnace.

4. Pipes Surrounding the Furnace

Any crack or fissure in the pipes surrounding your furnace can lead to a leaking Furnace. Therefore, you must check up on these pipes to pinpoint exactly what you need to repair. Water leakage from such pipes usually collects in your Furnace or around it which may exhibit the misconception of a furnace leakage.

The Bottom Line

All of the above-mentioned problems may be the primary reasons behind your leaking Furnace. Therefore, if you want your furnace to function properly and at peak efficiency then you must get some professional aid. This is because if this leakage remains neglected, it can mess up with the electrical supply causing safety risks; electric shock, fire etc.
Have you ever faced a leaking Furnace scenario? If yes, how did you combat it?

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