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Red Tag Furnace

Submitted On December 26, 2014

Red Tag Furnace is a worst scenario in which no homeowner wants to be ever, especially in cold winter days. Keeping your furnace ideally tuned up by seasonal maintenance will help your furnace to be in perfect working condition. If furnace is “Red Tagged” it means that the system is essentially condemned, no longer able to operate safely. It’s mandatory for a certified HVAC technician or inspector to shut the system down due to carbon monoxide hazards. Heat exchanger is the main component of GAS Fired Forced Air Furnace.

If heat exchanger get cracked it starts mixing carbon monoxide with air that’s delivered into the home’s living space, and putting you and your family in danger because of gas leak there is no assurance of safe venting operation. If your furnace is recently got “Red Tagged” then you may need a second opinion, At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services we have well trained NATE certified Gas Technicians who will inspect your furnace and let you know the true statement of your furnace For more information about Red Tagged Furnace, Call us now on 1-855-245-4328.

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