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Safety Measures for Home Heating Appliances

Submitted On October 17, 2017

So Winter is finally coming. For many, Winter is the most favourite season while for others it brings the thought of chill weather and uncomfortability. Mostly, people that fail to make a good association with this beautiful season of Winter are the ones that have a hard time coping up with its severity and this happens mainly when either the heating elements are not sufficient to suffice for the needs or the necessary prerequisites are not taken that lead to unhappy incidents. Unhappy incidents leave bad memories that later on turn into an overall bad association with the season. We want every single Toronto home to be perfectly safe and want every single Toronto homeowner to always have wonderful associations with all seasons. Since Winter is coming, let us talk in particular on how home comfort heating appliances can be made safe to use in Winters and how you can enjoy ultimate warmth throughout the season.

Safety measures for Furnace

More than 80% of Toronto homeowners use Furnace for the purpose of home heating but there are not more than a few that take proper measures to make sure the appliance present in their home is not becoming potentially riskful. Before the season of the Furnace comes, it is highly recommended to have the unit inspected by a professional who could assure the unit is safe to be used. While most people make the gravest mistake of using the Red Tag and expired furnaces, they forget that doing so is synonymous to putting theirs, their family’s and their nearby people’s life at risk. Every year, a number of accidents take place as a result of using outdated and damaged Furnaces. Don't play with yours or anybody else's life. Get the Furnace system inspected and if it has already completed its lifespan, consider replacing it instead of dragging it until it leads to a serious accident.

Safety Measure for Fireplace

Maintenance is crucial for all appliances be they heating or cooling. Without maintenance, not only does an appliance fail to perform with optimal efficiency, it also fails well before the expected lifespan. And the serious of all consequences of the absence of maintenance is that the appliance can lead to serious damages including life loss. There is no denying the fact that the joy of sitting in front of the Fireplace in Winters and hearing the crackling sound from fire has no alternative, it needs to be kept in mind that certain joys come with a demand of a responsible behavior. A Fireplace gives an ultimate warmth to your living room but it can at the same time lead to drastic accidents with even a minute of carelessness. Before the Winter comes, have your Fireplace inspected by a professional to make sure it is ready to serve you safely. Check the valves, vents and pipelines. Thoroughly clean the fireplace carefully before bringing it in use. If your baby has recently started crawling and you've never considered baby proofing the Fireplace before, do it now!

Safety Measures for CO Detector

The CO detector is meant to provide you with heating safety but it can also turn out to be a source of massive risk. Most homeowners become careless after installing the CO detector assuming that the detector will alarm them in case of any abnormal presence of gas in the indoors. But they forget that the CO detector, after all, is also a small appliance that needs maintenance. And the maintenance of the detector is replacing its batteries in time and keeping a check that it is functional. There are homes that faced unhappy incidents even after installing the CO detectors, the primary reason of which was the absence of CO detector maintenance.

Safety Measures for Space Heaters

Although a wide majority of Toronto homeowners have stopped the use of Space Heaters for indoor heating, there are still some that keep Space Heaters as an additional accessory or use them for rooms where they don't have ductways installed. To all such homeowners, we need to remind that Space Heater is a highly risky appliance so if you choose to warm your place with it whatsoever, consider following the safety measures:

- Don't allow any dampness near the Space Heater
- Avoid touching the heater with wet hands or bare feet
- Make sure the wires of the heater are not damaged
- Strictly avoid placing any combustible material close to the heater
- Place the heater out of reach of children else teach them not to make it an object of play
and most importantly, don't use the heater if it has surpassed its lifespan.

Things that are meant to give comfort will only be able to provide you with comfort successfully when they are used with proper safety measures and given the maintenance that they need. Winter is coming so brace your heating elements to not just provide you with warmth, instead provide you with warmth that is super safe.

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