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Too Hot To Cook? - 5 easy no-cook recipes for summer

Submitted On July 18, 2019

Summers always bring a nightmare when it comes to preparing a meal with a stove or oven turned on. No one wants to raise the temperature of their house by baking or cooking delicacies. The good news is; you can skip burning yourself in the kitchen heat and can still enjoy yummy meals. Yep! We are ready to talk about no-cook recipes. Creating such meals which are no-cook, no-bake can save time, bring healthy calories and leave homeowners with refreshed moods. Mention not that the environment feels great hearing about such recipes too. This blog covers 5 no-cook , no-bake recipes which can turn every lunch or dinner into a real treat and are a complete meal as well.

1. Tuna sandwich with mint margarita

This sandwich needs; As per required bread slices filled with tuna, cucumber, hot sauce and sliced tomatoes making it a must try. Serving it with mint margarita (without soda) makes it more healthy. Make it by simply squeezing some lemons into a blender with a handful of mint leaves, a bit of sugar and 2 glasses of water. That will make your day.
For kids, these tuna sandwiches can be cut into stars or triangles.

2. Oatmeal and Greek Yogurt

Oatmeal serves as a healthy treat when damped in water for a while, blended with dates and a little bit of cream. This blended mixture is then layered along with Greek yogurt and sprinkled with blue berries on the top. Ravishing!
Instead of Greek yogurt, a flavored yogurt more preferably strawberry yogurt will change the taste game.

3. Red Bean salad with tomato sauce

A tin of red beans mixed with chopped cherry tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and lettuce is a necessity in summers. Alongside some tomatoes in a blender, mixed with hot sauce, a tint of garlic and salt gives a perfect taste to the bean salad.

Assembling the salad with tomato sauce and sprinkling it with spices makes a person drool over this sizzling whole low calorie no-cook meal.

Moreover, white beans can also be used instead to add to its flavor and other tinned grains like chickpeas can also work wonders.

4. Mango delight

Channeling mango love into a meal is the best serve ever! Begin by blending some cream with mango chunks. Then slice mangoes in cubes and assemble the mango-cream puree on a vanilla cake from your nearby bakery or grocery store. Now stuff the mango cubes on the assembly and there it goes! A perfect meal for a perfect summer night. A little bit of coffee or cocoa powder can make it worthy enough to serve as a dessert for the guests.

5. Italian burrito/oregano bread with avocado smoothie

Half slice a burrito/oregano bread and stuff it with ready to eat pepperoni, olives, jalapenos, cucumber pickle, chopped onions and cheese. Along with it, blending an avocado smoothie can stuff a stomach to its fullest. This meal can be served as a breakfast, lunch or dinner.

These 5 no-cook, no-bake meals can save a person from melting in summers and are definitely perks to the workouts and health as they are both ravishing and filled with healthy calories.

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