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What to know when adding air conditioner to an older home

Submitted On September 19, 2019

Central air conditioner and ductwork is a significant investment! Homeowners are often hesitant to add a new heating and cooling system to an older home because of the hefty amount involved in bringing the latest technology and concerns over how it will affect their “NOT SO MODERN HOMES.” However, technology has improved a lot over the years, the modern HVAC equipment are more energy-efficient and come with many great features like soundless performance, and smart thermostats that often bring improved comfort and cut costs on the electric bill.

Are you looking to upgrade the system because your home still runs the outdated system like a window air conditioner, boiler or radiator that has surpassed the life expectancy? If yes, then you have landed on the right blog page! Here are easy to follow techniques in effectively adding a central air conditioning plus ductwork system to an older home!

Things to consider before adding a central air conditioning system to an older home

Updating home with the latest HVAC equipment means better comfort and increased value of the property. However, before tackling a renovation like this, consider two very important things.

Retain your home’s character

You may have great memories in your old home and are more into preserving some of the features like crown molding, high ceiling, wood trims, and hardwood floors, etc. Duct installation often results in damage to the building, because during the installation of ductwork, a technician lowers the ceiling and creates box corners to hide ducts.
Discuss each of your concern with the contractor who will better guide you to install an air conditioner without detracting from the home’s main features.

Insufficient space for a split system unit

The split system unit is an excellent way to heat or cool a larger home. However, if you don’t have enough attic or basement for the installation of the outdoor unit. Then opt for a different type of HVAC system including:

Packaged HVAC system

Packaged HVAC systems with rooftop installation are the best alternatives for small homes. They are a bit costly yet easy to install.

Ductless mini-split systems

These systems are cheaper than the packaged HVAC system and can be installed quickly. Unlike traditional ducted system, they don’t require duct to deliver air.

Choose an experienced contractor for home evaluation and installation of ducts

Don’t waste your time and money on a poorly qualified or unscrupulous contractors who are more into their profit. Do a thorough research and choose a contractor who is licensed, experienced, and offer a guarantee on labor and equipment. A contractor will initially examine the home structure and insulation. A professional contractor then conducts a load circulation to explore the needs of the building in order to install the right size of HVAC unit.

Installing New Ducts and upgrading electrical wiring.

The biggest problem will be the space as older homes were not designed to compensate for a BIG central air system. If your home does not have a system of ducts, then the contractor will have to add new ductworks that is a labor-intensive process and adds extra days to get the job done. Some old homes may have to redo wiring before replacing a heating and cooling system that often pushes up extra cost!
These are the must know things and if you know these, you can save money, time and energy.

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