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When I'm not at home, should I turn off my Air Conditioner?

Submitted On June 13, 2017

They say; ''Turn your Air Conditioner off when you're not at home''. Who are those 'they' by the way? Certainly not professionals. This suggestion cum advice must have come from a random neighbour or a relative who's himself been practising this primarily in order to save on utility bills. But before you follow any random suggestions, make sure they're worth following. Turning off the Air Conditioner when not at home apparently seems a benefitting option, it has it's cons too. Read below why you should not completely turn off the Air Conditioner.

Do not turn AC completely off when not at home, because:

Increased Humidity gives rise to mould and bugs
Your Air Conditioner does not only cool your air, it also dehumidifies it. In Summers, the level of humidity increases that gives way to the production of mould, spores and bugs. When you turn your Air Conditioner off every time you leave home, the level of humidity increases that causes condensation and then you've guests at home when you're back; in the form of bugs, mould and bacteria. Therefore, HVAC professionals do not suggest turning the Air Conditioner off completely when the inmates are not there.

Remember that the ideal level of humidity is 45%-55%. While keeping an Air Conditioner turned on can maintain this level, turning it completely off raises the humidity level up to 60%. This level of humidity is deemed ideal for the production of mould and bugs. You sure do not want this additional headache when you return back after a hectic day. So instead of turning the AC off, raise the thermostat temperature 7 to 10 degrees up.

Conditioned less air creates uncomfortable indoor environment
Home should be synonymous with comfort. After tiring day/days, one comes back home to relax in the comfy bed with ultimate relaxation. In summers, comfort cannot come until and unless there's a breeze like air coming from your Air Conditioner to soothe you and there's no temperature difference at home. For that, your AC needs to be kept operating so that before you reach home your place is all set up to comfort you. But hold on, let us introduce you to Smart Thermostat at this moment. Smart Thermostats are Thermostats that can be used to control the HVAC system through your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Oh yeah! Anywhere in the world. So in case you do not want to keep your AC on when you're outside or leaving home for a long period, Smart Thermostat can help you turning your AC on a few hours before you actually reach home.

Since this technology is used by only a limited number of people, it is recommended for the rest to practice turning up Thermostat 1-10 up instead of completely turning the AC off in order to keep the indoor temperature comfortable.

Restarting system continuously takes more energy
Imagine yourself leaving home and turning the AC off. When you're back, the AC is again turned on and it has to cool the home once again from zero demanding more energy and restarting the system all over again. Contrary to that, if the Thermostat is set to 78 degrees from 68 degrees when leaving home, the Air Conditioner keeps on operating while spending less energy and keeping your home comfortable enough that you can come back home anytime. Surprise!

Bottom Line

Not everything that you hear from someone deserves to be practised. It is better to seek professional help and professional suggestions when it comes to the practices with home comfort heating and cooling appliances that require a lot of hefty investment on the purchase and on repair. Practice the right practices and your appliances will continue to function will ultimate efficiency. The next time somebody suggests you to turn off the Air Conditioner when you’re leaving home, tell them its consequences.

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