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You will never mistakenly void your HVAC warranty after this

Submitted On April 20, 2019

Home comfort heating and cooling appliances are not cheap. They are in fact among the top expenditures that you make on home appliances. It is, therefore, important to make HVAC purchases very carefully and equally important to ensure you get a reasonable warranty for that appliance as well. This is for the reason that if the appliance fails before time, is faulty or needs repair, you could enjoy the incentive of the repair and/or replacement warranty offered by HVAC companies. Interestingly, many companies like Carrier, York and Lennox, offer up to 10 years of part replacement warranty but unfortunately, there is a wide majority of homeowners who never get any advantage of this or similar to this kind of long warranties. The reason behind that is; they void their warranties. Of course, accidentally. There are multiple reasons leading to this. Among them are;

● The retailers not guiding the homeowners about warranty terms and the procedure to follow after the purchase
● Homeowners not reading the warranty T&C's carefully and as a result, indulging in practices that lead to voiding warranty
● Companies intentionally advertising about warranties only to compel customers to purchase and not actually encouraging them to protect their warranty

This blog will help you find out those 3 most common mistakes that lead to voiding the warranty. And before we begin, it is for your kind information that making the most use of warranty can save you hundreds of dollars while voiding it can cost you a similar digit and sometimes even more. From now on, make sure to keep your warranties valid till the expiration date. So here the mistakes that you need to strictly avoid;

Don't' forget to register your warranty

Purchasing a brand’s appliance which offers a warranty does not automatically make you eligible for the warranty. Usually, it is a must to purchase from a certified dealer and to get the warranty registered with the company. The time period for registering the warranty is up to 60 days in many cases by it may vary. Registration isn't a complex process. It can be done by email, over a phone call or through filling out a form provided by the certified retailer from where you purchase it. But since many people do none of these, they ultimately void their warranty. Register it!

Don't try unprofessional installation and non branded replacement parts

This is yet another most commonly made mistakes. In order to save some dollars, homeowner performs either a DIY installation or call out any random Jack and Jerry. Unprofessional installation voids the warranty right away. On the other hand, using non branded replacement parts also become a reason for voiding the warranty. Always use replacement parts of the same brand.

Don't neglect regular maintenance

On warranty claim by homeowners, companies often ask for the proof of regular maintenance. If the appliance has not been receiving professional annual maintenance or the homeowner fails to show the proof of it, the warranty is nullified.

Bottom Line

As soon as the appliance is purchased, register the warranty. After that, make sure to provide the appliance with professional maintenance annually and never use non branded replacement parts while the unit is still on warranty. Following these precautions, you could have your HVAC appliance repaired and replaced for free anytime during the warranty period provided the terms and conditions apply. And that is a great deal of saving. You'll know how much, once you make it.

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