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East York

Are you living in East York? Do you have plans of purchasing a new heating/cooling system or repairing the older one? Are you looking for a pro technician for maintenance? Do you want your Duct to be cleaned by an expert? Are you thinking to install a Gas Fireplace at home? Or do you have any residential need related to Heating and Cooling? Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. is the service that can help resolve all your HVAC problems.

High-Efficiency Heating and Cooling appliances Sales and Services

As you already know, we're among GTA's few HVAC companies that are providing complete solutions for residential Heating and Cooling. East York is among those areas of GTA where we serve. The solutions and services for East Yorkers are: The sales and services of all home heating appliances including;
Water Heater
Gas Fireplace
The sales and services of all home cooling appliances including;
Central Air Conditioners
Ductless Air Conditioners
Heat Pumps

In addition, we also sell and service appliances for improving indoor air quality that include;
Air Filtration Units
UV Lights
Heat Recovery Ventilation systems

Electric to Gas/Oil to Gas/ Propane to Gas conversion services, Concord

When we say our services are complete HVAC services, we mean it! Since many home comfort appliances work with oil or gas, having a proper setup of the gas pipeline is crucial to let the appliances function. We offer in Concord, Gas Pipeline Installation services, the services being done by NATE and TSSA certified professionals. Also, as the prices of gas and oil keep on changing and to make more savings, homeowners often prefer converting their appliances from gas to oil or oil to gas sometimes due to the rates factor while other times, due to the availability or unavailability of them. We understand the commoner's needs and, therefore, have our services planned accordingly. One of our services is the conversion of appliances from oil to gas/gas to oil, electric to gas and propane to gas.

Do you have any questions in mind? Would you want some consultation? Or just a free quote? Hesitate not! Connect with us and we'll be glad to serve, as always! 1-855-245-4328