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Save great on purchasing energy efficient products, here's how!

on April 13, 2018

Did you know that Canada has been ranked on top of the countries that are best for living? But did you also know that one of the factors that make a place a good to live place is its environment? A dirty environment and polluted air make living terrible. And hey! Did you also know that HVAC appliances are among the primary causes of environmental pollution? If you know all that, do you also act wisely according to your knowledge?

HVAC appliances have contributed greatly toward contaminating the environment and making it less secure for us. The gases and chemicals used in these appliances hurt the environment. But as the awareness spread, the technology proposed us with better solutions which included the use of safe chemicals and safe mechanisms. But not all homeowners shifted promptly to the new technologies. Since appliances like Air Conditioners and Furnaces last for a decade or more, people don’t really leave the older technologies as the newer are introduced.

Canada loves you, do you love Canada?

O yes! Canada loves you, do you love your country? To keep Canada the best country to live in forever, the Canadian government is motivating homeowners to shift to better and safer technologies. GreenON is one such program in Ontario that offers amazing rebates on the purchase of energy-efficient products. Since most homeowners don't shift to better technologies because they are expensive, this is a great initiative to motivate them to improve their indoor comfort while also reducing the discomfort for the environment.

How to save big availing the GreenON Fund?

There are two ways the GreenOn fund will help you save; One, on the purchase itself. The fund in Ontario offers a rebate of $5,800 on the purchase of an Air Source Pump (Heat Pump) while offers a rebate of $100 on the purchase of a Smart Thermostat (of eligible brands).
After the saving on the purchase, you enjoy a better indoor comfort with better controls but guess what? Al this comes at a relatively less cost than it used to be. The second way, GreenON helps you make saving is; The energy efficient products purchased automatically reduce the consumption of energy since they are energy efficient. This reduces the monthly utility bills making a sum of great savings on annual basis. It's a worth shift dude! From conventional to energy-efficient products. And GreenON is here to help you make the shift without worries.

How to make the most of GreenON

The best way to make the most of GreenON Fund is to choose the products that will help save more by bringing better rebates. If you have a hard time choosing the products, we are always here to help you make the wisest choices.
Summer is on way. If you are living in Ontario, you have the opportunity to save big and save the earth by shifting to better and safer home comfort heating and cooling technologies.
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