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Should You Keep AC on when you are away? – Does It Save You Money?

Submitted On June 20, 2019

We all like to save extra money wherever we can – especially when the energy bill is soaring and it can be controlled by simply shutting down the AC whenever you are away. We all try to mitigate the AC expenses and adopt different ways from installing a Programmable Thermostat and replacing the HVAC air filters to the insulation of walls and getting the air-conditioning system timely serviced.

The most common practice we all may opt for to lower the energy bill is; shutting down the AC whenever we go out of home. The money is important but so is the family’s comfort. Imagine coming back to a stuffy, hot home after a long day – surely none of us would want this.

Let’s dive in to know the facts on this problem.

Turn the AC off or leave it on?

There are two perspectives; one is that it becomes difficult for the system to be turning on and off frequently and if you leave the home for a few hours, then let’s not turn it off completely to avoid stuffing and humidity. While, the other school of thought is that the air conditioner has become more powerful and advanced and if you leave home for a few hours then you should turn off the Air Conditioner completely to save some extra dollars as your ac can meet the challenge and have the place cooled within 5-10 minutes.

What is the better approach?

The best way is to buy a Programmable Thermostat that can lessen the AC bill up to 30%. Set the thermostat in such a way that it turns off the system before you go to work or school and turn it on a few minutes before you arrive home. The geofencing feature in the latest Smart Thermostats automatically does this.

The only reason why you should not shut your Air Conditioner off:

The air conditioner is not as simple as it seems. Have you noticed a square metal component with full of tubes and refrigerant? That is an evaporator coil and right below this coil, you will see a drip pan which is functioned to collect the moisture that evaporator coils gather from the humid air. So, the AC not only cools the place but also removes the extra moisture from the air and in case you shut down the air conditioner completely, it may lead towards the risks of excessive humidity in your place. And in some cases, may lead to the production of mould in area where you won’t notice it instantly.

Reduce the strain:

Preventative measures are vital to keeping the AC more effective. No matter what you do; keep it on or off, but there are certain to-dos recommended in both the cases to reduce the burden on your AC:

● Keep the windows and doors closed
● Make sure to draw drapes and blinds during the hot days of summer
● Change the air filters after two to three months
● Get the system serviced before the cooling season begins

Final words:

You can reduce the air conditioner expense up to 15% by simply cleaning air filters timely. Moreover, adjust a smart schedule with thermostat and consider installing a two-stage Air Conditioner to reduce the air conditioning cost.

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