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Appliance Maintenance

If you're conscious about your money, you should also be conscious about home comfort heating and cooling appliances maintenance too. Because, appliance maintenance is inversely proportional to appliance repair/replacement. The often the maintenance is done, the lesser the repair is required. While the lesser often the maintenance is made, the often the appliance seeks repairs and fall to corrosive damages. Since we understand your heating and cooling appliances needs and realise your concerns too, we offer not just initial services but also provide maintenance services for your home comfort heating and cooling appliances. Yuhu!

Maintenance Services

So how does that happen? How much do we charge? What do we do?
Well, those are a bit lengthy to answer questions. Simply, put: We maintain your appliances by giving the maintenance visits as scheduled. If you choose to enter our family of Protection Plan members, we'd be coming to give a check to your appliances according to our proposed Protection Plan conditions. However, even if you aren't a proper member, Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. can still be called for maintenance services anytime, anywhere in the GTA using the Toll-Free: 1-855-245-4328

When our technical staff comes to have the scheduled maintenance check done, they analyse your appliances, check for necessary repairs or replacements, suggest you ways to keep your appliances happy and leave by making them efficient than before so that they continue to function with highest efficiency to keep your warm in Winters and cool in the Summers.

Now wondering what appliances exactly do we do maintenance of?
Almost all!
We do maintenance of the following:
Water Heater Maintenance
Furnace Maintenance
AC Maintenance
Boiler Maintenance
Humidifier Maintenance
Air Purifier Maintenance
Heat Pump Maintenance
and the maintenance of all other HVAC appliances
To have us at your service, give us a call at 1-855-245-4328
Also, check out our Protection Plan to make big Savings on Maintenance Services.

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