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Heating & Cooling Services in Toronto

Heating and Cooling Toronto

There are a variety of home heating and cooling systems used by the homeowners of Toronto. Although mostly homes heating and cooling systems are based on the standard High Efficiency Forced Air Gas Furnaces or Boilers for Heating purposes and High SEER Central Air Conditioners or Ductless Air Conditioners to do the cooling job.

Toronto Home Heating Furnaces and Boilers

The Forced Air Gas Furnaces are one of the most efficient way to heat the home, the main advantage of using gas furnaces to heat a home is, they tend to burn fuel less and more cleanly, with high level of AFUE and usually Gas fuel is much cheaper than oil and the overall design of high efficiency furnace has been improved to make these types of furnaces extremely efficient up to 98.9% of AFUE.

Other common home heating appliances are boilers and its also known as radiant heating, which uses the floor, wall or ceiling to defuse heat throughout the home. Due to no air flow in Boiler, so there is less change of allergies counter parts, and multiple types of fuel systems can be used for a Boiler heating system. The choice is completely rely on what type of home heating system you want in your home or you can simply ask to Cosmopolitan Expert HVAC advisor to give you the best solution for ultimate home heating comfort.

Toronto Home Cooling Air Conditioners

The two most commonly used Air Conditioning systems by the homeowners of Toronto are Central Air Conditioners and Duct less Air Conditioners. Central Air Conditioners can keep your entire home at the desired cooling temperature with quite operation, consistent cooling comfort and significant saving of energy as compare to other home cooling options. However Ductless Air Conditioners are quick to install as it doesnt requires ductwork but you need to install more than one unit if you like to cool entire house and these units are relatively less energy efficient as compare to central air conditioners. The best thing which homeowner of Toronto can do to get ultimate cooling comfort with lowering the utility bills is to set an appointment to our cooling experts, who have keen knowledge of Toronto home cooling systems which enables them to provide you multiple cooling solutions with significant savings on utility bills.

Toronto Heating and Cooling Brands

The most commonly installed heating and cooling brands in Toronto homes are Lennox, Amana, Rheem and LG. These brands have wide range of heating and cooling appliances such as High Efficiency Furnaces, Boilers, Tankless Water Heaters, Central Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Ductless Air Conditioners and other Indoor air quality products like Humidifiers, Air Filtration systems, Ventilators and Thermostats. Cosmopolitan carries complete product range with premium sale service for its valued customers of Toronto. Call us now at 905-822-9375 to find out more about our services or to concern of any problem.