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Air Conditioner Installation

1. What location is best for the indoor unit of your Air Conditioner?
2. Where to place the outdoor unit/condenser?
3. How to connect the wires properly?
4. How to mount the indoor unit safely?
5. How to clamp the piping?

And the list of ''How to'' goes on. Homeowners usually are unaware of all these points and this ignorance necessitates that the installation is done by a professional technician. The user guides? Had they been enough, we wouldn't have costly installation service contractors all around the GTA.

Did you know?

Got a warranty of your Air Conditioner? Great! But did you know that warranties are conditional too? Some product manufacturers may choose to cancel the warranty if the product is not installed by a licensed professional. So, you just realised our worth now? Always here to serve!


A premium dealer of a product has to perform exceptionally well and therefore we do. We're the premium dealer of the renowned Lennox and we perceive this responsibility quite well. We've also proved that by winning the Circle of Excellence award. Our blend is of excellence, experience and reliability and that is what you want. We provide licensed technicians for the Air Conditioner installation and get the job done for you perfectly, somewhere beyond your expectations. Yoyo!

Get the right product and the right services. That is the only way to bring yourself the home comfort you're dreaming of. Before you leave, check out the range of Air Conditioner products that we carry. Right Here.