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Swordfish UltraViolet Lights

Every year hundreds of thousands of Canadian fall ill due to breathing in unhealthy air. Since most of the pollutants are too tiny to be seen by the naked eye, we assume the air to be fresh as long as we don't see what going on around us in the air. The filth is hard to control and combat in the outdoor environment, however, it can surely be tackled within the four walls of a house. How about a product that will not only kill pollutants but will also punch all types of bacteria, viruses and other unhealthy microorganisms without disrupting your comfort and ease? It sounds wonderful!
To make it possible, swordfish introduces it's UV Light technology made to kills all types of harmful environmental pollutants that are either produced within the house or comes in from outside. These UV Light work in combination with the Duct Work or the Air Purifiers to kills bacteria, viruses and other harmful air pollutants and make the Air quality fresher, better, healthier.


UV Germicidal Lights