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Furnace Maintenance

Maintenance is important if you want your home comfort heating and cooling appliances to be with you for a longer time span. Despite that the product is of a renowned company, the installation is made by the most professional staff, the device is still not going to retain long term efficient working if the maintenance is not made. Although basic furnace maintenance could easily be done by the homeowners themselves, there are yet certain furnace maintenance tasks that require expert help and professional toolkit.

Our furnace maintenance specialities:


Proper furnace cleaning is crucial for furnace maintenance. Our maintenance service gives cleaning the due importance and we make sure none of your furnace parts are left dirty so as to hinder efficient working.

Checking for wirings and gas leakage:

A little damage in wiring or gas piping can lead to serious furnace damage. For this reason, our technical staff checks that no such threats are found when they perform the furnace maintenance task.

Inspection of all parts:

It is sometimes, the smallest part of a heating and cooling device that reduces the overall efficiency of it. On our maintenance check, we inspect all furnace parts, from blower assembly to filters, from thermostats to burners to venting area and all others. We leave no stone unturned while making sure your furnace gets the complete maintenance.

Lubricating furnace parts:

Over time, the parts of heating and cooling appliances get corrosive or rusted, particularly the metallic parts. Lubrication is important to let the parts work efficiently. During the maintenance visit, our technical staff lubricates all the furnace parts using our special lubricants.

25% discount on replacements:

The most fascinating feature is;
If we find out during the maintenance visit that any of the furnace parts need replacement, we’re going to offer that part at 25% discount. If that doesn’t make your mouth water, nothing ever will!

The in time and proper furnace maintenance does not only increase furnace efficiency but also saves you the repairing cost. The repairing cost as you might already know is always more than the maintenance cost. So, what sounds a wiser choice? Maintenance! Absolutely yes!
For maintenance task, you know by now who should you be trusting on. May be us?