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Gas Fireplace Mississauga

We want your safety and no compromise on that! Being conscious about the safety of yourself and your family becomes even more important in Winters when you've a fireplace burner right out there close to you. Needless to say that one of the reasons behind appliance accidents is carelessness. The gas fireplace being an open cavity containing fire is though a source of ultimate comfort can also become a source of unhappy accidents. For that; important it is to make sure the fireplace does not hold potential threats of damage by doing gas fireplace maintenance.

Our Services:

While a lot of people choose to warm themselves with Furnaces and Boilers, some people find no alternative of the soothing warmth of a gas fireplace in anything else. We want homeowners to use their favourite home comfort methods and enjoy the best of experiences with that. For that, we at Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc., not just service latest technologies but also do the maintenance and service of the old heating method i.e gas fireplace.

Annual Gas Fireplace Maintenance includes:

1. Inspection of vents and chimneys
2. Cleaning exterior equipment
3. Burner and pilot inspection
4. Cleaning of glass
5. Thorough check of combustion and ignition
6. Thorough check of ventilation air
And an overall check up to make sure you're living under safe circumstances

Now that you know all about our gas fireplace maintenance services, do you have any plans to have us at your service? If yes, we're found right here 1-855-245-4328