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Heat Recovery Ventilation - Why is that important

And so you live in a tightly sealed house? Well, you must miss fresh air then and I'm sure you do because there's no alternative to fresh air and an unventilated home gives a really odd feel too. Most of the buildings in the GTA are treated with home insulation. When a home is insulated in whatever way, it is made more tightly sealed for the heat to remain trapped. But when that happens, the natural ventilation process is also affected thus not allowing enough fresh air to enter the home. The Heat Recovery Ventilation or HRV is a wonderful method that makes the flow of fresh air into the home possible. Moreover, when the inside warm air moves outside through duct, the heat exchanger extracts the heat. It then uses that heat to warm the incoming fresh cool air. This way the inside of a home gets fresh and warm air thus fulfilling the need of fresh air while also treating its temperature.

Benefits of Heat Recovery Ventilators:

1. They trap heat from the outgoing air up to 80% saving a lot of energy.
2. They warm the incoming cool air and provide a moderately fresh air for home.
3. Heat recovery ventilators also use filters to traps the pollutants.
4. HRV is energy efficient as the indoor air remains fresh and warm, there's relatively less need to use home comfort appliances.
5. By the ventilation process, a moderate level of humidity is created
6. It is ideal for tightly closed homes

Cosmopolitan Mechanical HRV services:

We install Heat Recovery Ventilators for the homeowners of GTA. Our HRV products are high efficient, durable and affordable. If you're living in a home where there's no proper ventilation, HRV is the best solution you could have to make your home a place to inhale fresh, healthy and warm air. Check out this Lennox Heat Recovery Ventilator

Lennox Heat Recovery Ventilations

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