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Boiler Maintenance

Your boiler will function well until the doomsday if it's maintenance is not taken for granted. We at Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. provide the boiler maintenance services so that you enjoy both hot water and warm air as long as you desire. Our professional technicians come on the scheduled appointment and give your boiler a check up to see if it needs any part replacements, cleaning or just a tap of encouragement on the shoulder.

What we do at the maintenance visit?:

When we visit to give your boiler a maintenance check up, here's what the technicians do:
1. Inspection of the venting system is done to make sure there are no vent corrosions
2. All the pipe connections and joints are checked for any possible leaks or damage.
3. The inspection and cleaning of the boiler's heat exchanger, burner and condensation system is made
4. PH level of the water is checked
5. Operational control system is analysed
6. Air intake and air vents are examined
7. An operation run is made after cleaning and maintenance check to see if the boiler works with increased efficiency.

Maintenance or repair?

They say: ''Prevention is better than cure''. It is certainly wise to choose for maintenance check which is cheaper than to choose for Repair Services that are costly. Make the right choice and call now your favourite HVAC service provider for your Boiler's maintenance. Hey! listen! ‘’Till doomsday’’ boiler functioning statement was a bit of exaggeration. Pardon that!