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Ongoing Promotions

Ongoing Promotions

We care for you and for your safety too. Nice rhyme?
At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. our ultimate goal is to provide quality HVAC services to the homeowners of the GTA areas and also to keep improving our services to match the world class standards. In order to make sure that our customers are making the most out of our services, we offer different promotions time to time to our existing as well as non-existing customers. Here is where you can find all of our active promotions:

Ongoing Rebates

Start with up to $1,200 in system rebates.*

It's time to save. Now you can save on a complete qualifying Lennox home comfort system with this Lennox rebate offer. The system includes a gas Furnace/Blower coil, an Air Conditioner or Heat Pump and a Thermostat. Choose for this complete system and get rebates of up to $1,200. Wow!

Get an additional $100 rebates on zoning.*

Now create a temperature of your choice wherever you are in your home. With iHarmony zoning, control the indoor temperature in different zones with just one gadget that can also be operated through the smartphones. The time for rebates on zoning is here! Get up to $100 rebates additional on buying iHarmony zoning in combination with Lennox home comfort system.

Get an additional $100 rebate on a smart thermostat.*

It is not just the time to use smartphones, it's time to use smart thermostats too. With this iComfort S30, your HVAC systems will automatically modify their operation as the weather changes. Save on appliances and save on bills too. Choose now iComfort S30 smart thermostat with Lennox complete home comfort system and get up to $100 rebates additional.

Get an additional $100 rebate on air purification.*

Stop inhaling filthy air! Choose to breathe fresh and healthy. With this Lennox PureAir air filtration system, you can have the feeling of breathing in paradise. It is not just economical but also a simple single unit delight.
Install Lennox home comfort system and on buying this Air purification system with that get an additional $100 in rebates.

Plus, make no payments until spring 2018 in combination with product rebates

Isn't that amazing? Get amazing rebates on one hand and pay nothing until 2018? With Lennox rebates, get up to $1,200 on system rebate while enjoy no payments until Spring 2018 in combination with product rebates. Wuhu!

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Broken Furnace? Planning to BUY a new one?

Your old furnace is not only low in efficiency and unreliable but it is also costing you more than you think every month! Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services has made the purchase easy for the homeowners by offering 0% interest free financing for 15 months (OAC)

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Insulation Services

Stay Warm in the Winter & Cool in the Summer LET US HELP YOU SAVE TODAY!

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Cosmopolitan’s Home Comfort Protection Plans

Get priority service whole year and save big on costly repairs by signing Cosmopolitan’s protection plan, starting from $13 only

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Has Your Furnace Been Red Tagged?

Do you live in Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton, Toronto or the rest of the GTA? We are here to help you.

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Refer a Friend Promotion

We love to play Win-Win. We want you to share the pleasure of winning with us and to make it possible, here's our ''Refer a Friend'' promotion. With this promotion, you can get a chance to win Free of cost Furnace or Air Conditioner Maintenance service by simply referring a friend, family, neighbour or any other acquaintance to buy any of our HVAC appliances.


So, what makes you eligible for this offer? In order to be eligible for this offer, you have to be our existing member and your maintenance appliance must have been installed by us. If you fulfil this criterion then let's just play the Win-Win. Refer a friend, have them buy a quality product from us and then enjoy a Free maintenance/tune-up service. Ready?

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