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Hey there! Ajax homeowners! Brace yourself to enjoy the most affordable, reliable and professional HVAC services. We know how it feels like to have your Furnace experience a sudden breakdown in the midst of a chilling cold night or have your Air Conditioner stop working for whatever reasons when it is almost improbable to have a tech at service urgently. But did you know, every summer and every winter, hundreds of Ontario homeowners experience these unhappy accidents that bring a whole lot of discomfort? Did you ever wonder what causes that? Is it just an accident? Or it was something that could have been avoided? If you never thought about this ''why'', here it is;
- The primary reason for sudden appliance breakdown is the appliance itself. Choosing the wrong product and of course, the wrong retailer produces such results
- Believe it or not, but you could choose a random John or Jerry tech for installation to save some dollars and would end up sooner or later in grave appliance grievances. O yes, grievances!
- Another reason for sudden breakdowns is not keeping the appliance maintained
- DIY maintenance is one thing and having a professional service your Furnace/Air Conditioner etc is another thing. Randomly turning the appliances on after a whole long break without servicing and tuning them often results in a sudden breakdown. Professional annual maintenance is a must!

Affordable and professional HVAC services for Ajax homeowners

The above-mentioned mistakes are the most common mistakes that lead to costly and unhappy HVAC accidents, sometimes life-threatening too. We have told you the mistakes but what if you wish to avoid those mistakes by choosing the right products, retailers, installers and maintenance techs, where could you find them? Well, and well! We have a compact solution here today! Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services is now in Ajax with its complete HVAC service pack to be your right professionals and right choice. We sell, install, maintain, repair, replace and relocate all kinds of Heating and Cooling products including Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Boilers, Water Heaters, Air Cleaners, Humidifiers, Thermostats and others.
For us, your home is our home, and you our much valuable customer; We'll service your home and serve you with as much professionalism and commitment as possible. To make professional service also affordable, we have designed a Protection Plan that helps save homeowners on maintenance and repair services. Not only a response time of 16 hours can be enjoyed, a free appliance inspection and up to $800 discounts on repairs is also a part of Protection Plan.
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