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There are good experiences and there are bad experiences. The same applies when it comes to experiencing HVAC services. You can have a wonderful experience of wonderful services provided by your HVAC service provider while it is also not uncertain for your service providers to disappoint you, turning you into an unhappy customer. If the latter is the case with you, you are certainly looking for a change. A change for yourself and your Heating and Cooling appliances. At a very right time, a very right customer and a very right service provider have just found one another. Glad to meet you!

Meet Cosmopolitan Mechanical

We're Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. a home comfort heating and cooling service company. We began our services in Toronto and later expanded it into several GTA areas, Cambridge included among them now. We sell, install, maintain, repair, replace and relocate heating and cooling appliance of all makes and models. The most fascinating feature of our services is their availability throughout the year. We're never off from work. 24/7 Emergency is always all ready and all set to serve.

Complete Home Comfort Services:

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Cambridge homeowners use Furnace for heating their places. Our primary service, therefore, is the sale of High-Efficiency Furnaces, installation, maintenance and repairing of them. We also have Water Heaters and Residential Boiler among our heating services. Cooling Services in Cambridge include High-Efficiency Duct/Ductless Air Conditioner's complete services i.e we sell, we install, we maintain, we repair, we replace, we relocate all brands of Air Conditioners. Our most used and most selling brand, however, is Lennox since we're also its premium dealers.
In addition to providing the Heating and Cooling services, we make sure to provide Cambridge residents with a completely refreshing and completely healthy indoor environment. For that, we have Humidifiers, Air Purifiers, UV Lights and Heat Recovery Ventilation systems. We also carry top brands and latest technology Smart Thermostats to keep a check on your appliances and save you on energy bills in long run.

Emergency Services 24/7:

As we just said, we don't sleep, our service is never down, our shutters are never closed. All the GTA areas where we are actively serving, our offices, Toll-Free, helpline, live chat and all other customer care services are open and active throughout the day and night. Have your Furnace red tagged? Looking for purchasing the best water heater? Wish to relocate your Air Conditioner? Planning to have a gas fireplace, or have any other residential Heating and Cooling need? It’s time to have a change. Take our services and become our happy customer. Forever and ever!
19 Thorne Street, Unit# 309, Cambridge ON N1R 1S3


Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Cambridge
19 Thorne Street, Unit# 309, Cambridge ON N1R 1S3
Toll Free: 1-855-245-4328
Phone: (519) 342-1246
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