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A fully functioning Heating and Cooling system is what every home in Windsor wants. While a proper system is important, a proper system installer is equally important. Finding an efficient home Heating/Cooling system in Windsor is easy, however, finding and efficient and expert installer to install the system is not. If you have had an experience of improper installation, you don't need to be told how crucial proper installation is for the efficiency and lifetime of a system, be it a heating system or a cooling system.

We, at Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc., know how to meet the needs. And when it comes to residential home comfort heating and cooling, we know something exceptional. To provide Windsor residents with ultimate home comfort experience, we are offering installation services throughout Windsor so that you enjoy long lasting appliances with highest possible efficiency. With an initial installation by an HVAC expert like ours, an improved home comfort is guaranteed. Did you only hear ‘’installation services’’? There's more! We offer Maintenance Services, Repair Services, Replacement Services and Relocation services of all Heating, Cooling and Ventilation appliances that include; Furnace, Water Heaters, Boilers, Duct and Ductless Air Conditioners, Thermostats, Humidifiers, Air Filtration Units, UV Lights and HRV Systems.

Combo of Reliability and Affordability

O yes! We're a combination of reliability and affordability. Our Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning service is among the most trusted HVAC services of the GTA. We're trusted and we're proud of that. Having won several awards and memberships, we are continuously moving towards setting up new milestones and new standards of excellence. Expanding Our Services Areas is a part of our grand plan to be the best, available and affordable service.
Also, since we believe in caring for customers and that cannot be done without helping them in saving, our services are exclusive like none but are as well affordable like none. Requesting a FREE quote option is always there. If you like our services, we'd love to offer you with as discounted prices as we can. Also, our Protection Plan is there to make the most savings for you.

Our Difference

We're different from others because;
• We've a legacy in providing expert workmanship
• We offer flexible appointments to meet the needs efficiently
• We don't delve our customers into complex billings
• We offer several different payment methods for the ease of our customers
• We've versatile and flexible financial plans
• We've the shortest possible response time
• We offer discounts on parts replacement
• We offer FREE of cost maintenance and repair (see details on Protection Plan page)

and • We've the friendliest Customer Care, representatives. There's this and a lot more that we can offer. Trial is but a must. Living in Windsor and haven't yet found a reliable service? Here's the Toll-Free of one; 1-855-245-4328
2679 Howard Ave, Suit 533, Windsor ON N8X 3X2


Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Windsor
2679 Howard Ave, Suit 533, Windsor ON N8X 3X2
Toll Free: 1-855-245-4328
Phone: (226) 799-9446
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