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Untagging the Reg Tag Furnace

Do you live in Etobicoke and have your Furnace tagged red? Oh! Now what? You must be looking for an HVAC service provider. Glad you landed here because we are also a Heating, Cooling and Ventilation service provider. In fact, one of GTA's best service providers. We can help you untag your Red Tag Furnace with extreme efficiency. Our technicians are expert in doing that. They do this on a daily basis and help homeowners getting secured from the otherwise threatening consequences of a red-tagged Furnace. Do you wonder why should you make us your priority to treat your Red Tag Furnace? Here’s why:

Why Choose Us for mending Redtag Furnace in Etobicoke?

Choose us because we know Furnaces like nobody else. We have been friends with Furnaces since a long time and, therefore, can easily figure out what exactly is wrong with a furnace. So, choose us because we're good at diagnosis. The right diagnosis will lead to the right repair and thus the right untagging, taking you to a safer harbour.

Choose us because our services are verified and technicians certified. Selecting every other person to service your Reg Tag Furnace will not only be a waste of money, it will also be a red alert! A quack technician can put you in a worse situation by fixing the Furnace improperly. So, choose us because we're certified to do the service.

Choose us because we're offering relatively affordable rates and also have customised offers for Maintenance and Repair that can help save hundred of dollars on Maintenance and Repair services.

Choose us because we won't force you to purchase a new Furnace. If your Reg Tag Furnace can be repaired, we'll repair it no matter what. In addition, if you're not taking services from us, you're still welcome to connect with us for consultation regarding your Red Tag Furnace and to have us for a double check.

High-Efficiency Furnace Repair and Replacement, Etobicoke

We love Furnaces! We really do! Our Furnace services in Etobicoke include; Furnace sales, Furnace Installation, Furnace Maintenance, Furnace Replacement and Furnace Relocation. No matter where you live in Etobicoke, give us a call and we'll be all set to resolve your Furnace's problem. If you haven't explored it yet, it's for you. We offer $500-$800 Free of cost labour and maintenance services on Furnace Repair while also offer 25% discount on parts replacement. So now, with Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc., even the repair and replacement will bring you savings. Woohoo! Find out the details of our discounted services and offers on our Protection Plan page.

Heating, Ventilation and Cooling - All in one Solutions;

All our HVAC services are as efficient as our Furnace services. In Etobicoke, we are offering residential Heating as well as Cooling and Ventilation services. Our Heating services include;
Water Heaters

Our home Cooling and Ventilation services include;
Central Air Conditioners
Ductless Air Conditioners
UV Lights
HRV Systems
Air Filtration Units

In addition to the Heating and Cooling services, we also offer conventional and customised Ductwork installations and Duct Cleaning services. All these magnificent, expert and authorized services are available throughout Etobicoke, just one call away. 1-855-245-4328