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Honeywell Air Filtration System

One thing is for sure. Honeywell loves coming up with variety and innovation and here’s how we’re going to prove it by introducing to you the Honeywell Air Filtration Systems.
Honeywell offers both whole-home Air Filtration units and room units.

F300 Electronic Air Filtration

Tired of changing filters of your Air Filtration unit? Try out F300 Electronic Air Filtration system of Honeywell which requires minimal maintenance. Now you don't have to change Filters after every few days. Just wash the filter today and forget washing it for the next 6 months or even a year. Super wonderful!!! Also, the F300 is extremely efficient with the capability to trap up to 99% of airborne particles while also offers 10 years of clean coil warranty.

TrueCLEAN enhanced Air Filtration

If you're looking for a quiet operation Air Filtration unit within an affordable price range, this system might be what you're looking for. While this system effectively captures 99% of unhealthy particles it also deactivates them in order to hinder their reproduction. The replacements also don't have to be done often either. Just a 6-12 month replacement and breathe fresh and healthy. Always!
Find out our Honeywell Air Filtration units below:


F300 Electronic Air Cleaner


TrueCLEAN Enhanced Air Cleaner