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Ductless High Efficiency Single Zone Inverter Air Conditioner

Standard single-zone Inverter systems include advanced technology for cost-effective, energy efficient operation. Available in heat pump configurations with 30,000, and 36,000 Btu/h capacities.
Designed with enough capacity to comfortably condition large rooms, the Inverter (variable-speed compressor) technology in these heat-pump mini-splits ensures that optimum temperatures are maintained.

Product Specifications


- Inverter variable-speed compressor on the outdoor unit for energy-saving operation
- Self-cleaning coils in the indoor unit for easier maintenance
- Many modes included, controlled through wireless remote: Cooling, Heating, Dehumidifying, Fan, Auto, Auto Sleep, Defrost
- Temperature display on indoor unit
- Chaos Wind electronically controls fan speeds to create a more natural flow of air; Jet Cool operates at high fan speeds for 30 minutes to quickly cool down a room
- Operates down to 14°F in cooling mode
- Ultra quiet indoor unit operation
- Allows refrigerant piping lengths up to 98 feet, and elevation difference of 49 feet
- R410A refrigerant


- System Model # : LS307HV3
- Indoor Model # : LSN307HV3
- Outdoor Model # : LSU307HV3


- Capacity (BTUs) cooling : 30,000
- Capacity (BTUs) heating : 32,000
- EER : 10.0
- SEER :18.0
- HSPF : 9.5
- Air Circulation (CFM MAX/H/M/L) : 883 / 770 / 629 / 424
- Fan Speeds : 4/4/4
- Remove this line please
- Indoor dB(A)* : 49/44/39
- Outdoor dB(A)* : 55


- Rated Voltage Outdoor : 230/208-60-1
- Rated Voltage Indoor : 230/208-60-1

Indoor Dimensions

- W x H x D (inches) : 47 5/8 x 13 5/8 x 8 1/4
- Weight (lbs.) : 36

Outdoor Dimensions

- W x H x D (inches) : 34 1/4 x 31 1/2 x 12 19/32
- Weight (lbs.) : 128

Thermostat Range

- Cooling / Heating (°F) : 64-86 /60-86


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A friend of mine recommended me to buy Bosch brand tankless water heater as I was already looking for a tankless and did a lot of research. Eventually I ended up buying Bosch T9800 SE 166 which was a perfect match for my requirement. I must say that Bosch brand appliances are very much reliable and innovative. - Daniel From Stoney Creek

I had an old boiler and it was time for replacement. My friend suggested me about cosmopolitan. The representative was so knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Arshad visited my house and showed me some good high efficiency boilers. The service they provide is excellent and highly recommended. - Lucas From Toronto

I got my complete HVAC system replaced by cosmopolitan mechanical service and found them very knowledgable and professional. Everything went smooth from the sales presentation to the expert installation job.I will strongly recommend cosmopolitan mechanical service. - Gabrielle From Hamilton

Ather fixed my furnace today and I was very impressed with his work. He has an old school work ethic combined with current knowledge of technology. He was a real gentleman. Thank you for sending him. - Anne Rankin From Etobicoke

We bought a new home and needed Air conditioner and Furnace. We emailed Several companies, Cosmopolitan e-mailed me with information about the job needed to be done. A service adviser came our home. Friendly and trustworthy are definitely true features when working with a company like Cosmopolitan. - Linda From Mississauga