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Sentry Gas Boiler

The Most Advanced Natural Draft Gas Boiler Sentry is ideal for a wide variety of gas boiler requirements, as a replacement or for new installations. Its advanced design provides years of trouble-free, high efficiency operation while providing easy installation, even in sites with low chimney connections or low overhead clearance.

Product Specifications

- Input: Models 34,000 to 150,000 Btu/Hr

- Intermittent ignition

- Saves energy. AFUE to 84.4%

- Models with integral draft hood fit sites with clearance as low as 38-1/2"s

Low Profile Makes Problem Installations Easy

The Sentry Boiler fits into replacement sites with low chimney breeching or low overhead clearance. Sentry models have an integral draft diverter and do not require a seperate draft hood. Chimney vent connections heights begin at 38-1/2", nearly a foot and a half lower than typical natural draft boilers.
Sentry's low profile permits installation in sites with low chimney breeching or low overhead clearance.

Advanced Natural Draft Design Promises Efficiency & Reliability

An advanced design heat exchanger permits Sentry to operate with high efficiency using simple, dependable natural draft technology. Sentry operates with efficiencies up to 84.4% AFUE. The flue passage design, thermal pin pattern and consistent wall thickness of Sentry's cast-iron heat exchanger sections ensure uniform heat transfer with less thermal strain and metal fatigue. Slant/Fin uses only reliable metal push nipple to connect individual sections. All models included a reliable, heavy duty motorized vent damper to maximize efficiency.


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We bought a new home and needed Air conditioner and Furnace. We emailed Several companies, Cosmopolitan e-mailed me with information about the job needed to be done. A service adviser came our home. Friendly and trustworthy are definitely true features when working with a company like Cosmopolitan. - Linda From Mississauga